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Because integration is NOT optional. 

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You've been introduced to the world of psychedelics and plant medicine - but you're left wondering, “Okay, now what?”

You're feeling called to serve in the psychedelic-space but aren't sure how to:

Integrate It With Your Current Work 
Make Money in This Space
Approach the Legal Issues

You don't want to hurt yourself, hurt others, or face legal recourse as you step into this space.

You're awesome at navigating these healing spaces, but you:

  • Don't have a solid process for integration in the psychedelic-informed context
  • Find yourself in a feast and famine cycle when it comes to making money
  • Want to know how to make this a burnout-proof business where you can be of service and answer the call

That's where our signature method & world-renowned training comes in...

Introducing The Condor Approach

Whether you are therapist, healthcare professional, bio hacker, life coach or someone who has been deeply impacted by the possibilities in the psychedelic space, having a clear system means MORE lives changed in a fraction of the time and lasting resources for YOU, the psychedelic informed practitioner.

Through our signature framework you will create safety, accessibility and sovereignty for your clients.

We walk you through:

  • A profound level of self-awareness in your biosystems that allow deeper healing
  • The 4 IN's process - INtake, INtention, INspace, and INtegration - to create deeper, long lasting transformation for clients
  • How to develop a high-level approach to business that allows you to treat more clients (in less time) and eventually implement processes and systems that support your financial growth

...and so much more.

Using The Condor Approach, we will show you exactly how to support and integrate truly life-changing healing experiences in 1:1 client work and large group containers.



Hear From A Licensed Therapist Who Took Our Training

 "Your life will change forever in a way that puts you in the desire of your heart. This training will not only provide you a map for navigating and integrating all parts of yourself but you can also share it with others and build a business with this model. It’s all a win!!!"

Dietra Taylor Barclift, LPC

Interested in the world of psychedelics, but feel unsure? 

We love answering questions from coaches, practitioners, and wellness warriors who are ready to step foot in the psychedelic space.

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Meet the Guides Behind The World's Leading Psychedelic Informed Practitioner Certification 

Tah & Kole Whitty are high-service healers and mentors with over 20 years in the psychedelic space.

Tah & Kole are creating an ecosystem of integrative master coaches who use their unique skillsets and lived experiences to rewrite how our world approaches health, healing and optimization.

They are committed to creating safety, accessibility and true, long-lasting results through this psychedelic informed integration certification, using their foundational processes and signature method, The Condor Approach.

You can learn more about them and their individual journeys by clicking below.

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"My Biggest Takeaway was...The Logic Ceiling. Anyone that wants to help clients have mindset shifts and lasting breakthroughs this is the road to get there! - Olivia Eden MacDonell

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Use our signature method in your work by becoming a psychedelic informed Practitioner. 
Together, we'll set the new standard for health and healing in the world while creating a sustainable, abundant business structure that fulfills your desired impact FIRST, not as an after thought. 

The Condor Approach

5-Day Live Event & 90-Day Program 

This program introduces you to the signature method, The Condor Approach, sets the foundations of integration, and immerses you in the world of what happens in the mind and body after a plant medicine/psychedelic experience.

Use safety-focused psychedelic-informed integration as a tool for your clients to support self resource, self facilitation and build lasting self responsibility.  

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