We Need YOU To Step Bravely Into A Leadership Role In The Psychedelic Space

We are Tah and Kole

We are committed to creating safety, accessibility and reciprocity in the field of psychedelics through our 4IN's process...

  1. IN-take
  2. In-tention
  3. IN-space
  4. In-tegration

For health practitioners, life coaches and mentors who are called to serve humanity in psychedelic research, psychedelic therapy, workshops classes or retreats.

Whether through The Condor Approach, our integration certification, our workshops, one of our trainings or on our podcast, you will find perspectives from tribal leaders and master teachers from cultures all over the world.

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From Curious Coach To Experienced Psychonaut

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  • For Those Seeking Integration Support And Community Before, During And After Their Psychedelic Experiences 

  • Intersection Of Science And Mysticism: Habits And Ritual

  • Best Practices/ Integration Protocols To Support Lasting Transformations

  •  Educating Micro/Macro Dosing: How Much, With Whom And When
  • Integration Protocol That Includes 60 Days Of Workbooks And Support
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Get Certified As An Integration Coach

Become A Condor Coach

  • 3 Psychedelic Integration Certifications For Mental Health Practitioners, Physicians, Life Coaches And Mentors

  • Onboarding Processes

  • Body Mapping Tools

  • LifeTime Access To Recordings

  • Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Integration Workbooks And All Materials Included

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