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Bio hacking is an incredible tool to gain access into the science of the body but hacking alone means a missed opportunity for an integration with the body's instinctual intelligence.  





 25 years in emergency medicine, 17 years in educating professionals about life’s addictions, 15 years in various shamanic practices, 14 years personal training and body alignment to NYC’s high stress entrepreneurs and utilizing multiple somatic trauma/stress release modalities to recognize the body’s subtle cues of dis-ease that evolve into illness.

We are body obsessed and want you to flow with the ease, pleasure and freedom that comes in integrating WITH your body.

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Austin, Tx

Dec 15th, 2018

One Day

Tahkole Presents:

Bio Integration and Stress/Trauma Release

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3/9-3/24 2019

Two Weeks

Spiritual Boss Babe and TahKole Present:

Expand To Experience Power Retreat In Peru

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Your body is the vehicle of experience, your intuition lies in your gut. Emotions like anger, rage, guilt, shame, stress, anxiety are all stored within your core and cloud your intuition





All the supplementation in the world can not over ride the subconscious thought patterns that become physical manifestations.




It's All Body, Baby!

If a practice only quiets or transcends thoughts or voices without including body, the realization is incomplete. Every purpose driven and contribution obsessed entrepreneur knows your intuition is imperative for sustainability and growth.

We Call It "The Flow".

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"To say the experience is life shifting is an understatement. I attended two "Speaking Your Body Language" retreats and they have helped me immensely in unpacking my emotions and trauma in a safe and loving space. Kole is extremely supportive and truly cares about your healing process. I will continue working with TahKole!"

~Shani, Brooklyn NY




Your History Is Stored Inside 

Your body is your diary and is the only part of you that is ALWAYS in the present. Like a sponge, it soaks up and saves every experience you have and stores it inside. Every word we utter is heard by the body and outwardly expressed. 





We are different and we like it that way - but some people don’t which is A-okay! We have a quirky sense of humor - we are a little offbeat - and love to defy the societal, familial and financial constructs that come with conditioning. We do not subscribe to the constructs and still know how to play within them.


We aren't for everyone but we ARE for everyone understanding how the body can not be left out of the equation. The longer and harder you fight to crack the scientific code of the human organism, the less able to fully trust it's innate intelligence due to trying to work around the body instead of through it. 

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