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Last Event We Had The Ever Expansive *Les Brown as our motivational keynote speaker. 

Be inspired as he elevates and inspires.

"There Is Greatness In You."


Welcome To

The Psychedelic Space Program

Facilitator Training For Spaceholders, Mental Health Practitioners, Ketamine Clinicians And Transformational Coaches

๐Ÿ”นConnecting Western Minds With Ancient Wisdom To Support Safety And Accessibility For All๐Ÿ”น

The Psychedelic Space Program Is An Intersection Of Science And Mysticism For Truth Seekers And Freedom Fighters Who Are Here To Answer The Call.

Join Our Next 3 Day Live Event October 27th, 28th and 29th In Person Or Virtually For $597 For Course And Materials

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Have You Heard The Call?

The conversation around conscious psychedelic exploration has been showing up in more environments than ever before from health practitioners to religion and you are here because you are being guided to learn more...

Whether you are personally curious or committed to expanding your current existing practices, some part of you feels you would benefit from additional framework and training around the topic of facilitation.

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It's TIME.

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We Need All Hands On Deck

According to the CDC the current prevalence of depressive disorder is approximately four times higher than the same quarter of 2019 and understandably so…are you in those numbers?

This year has been tough for many worldwide and we haven’t even scratched the surface of what 2020 has created for 2021...

That means that mentors, self help coaches and health practitioners are needed more than ever before and many will be called in to help with little to NO experience.

This last year brought many coaches to their knees, people who poured their blood sweat and tears into building their lives only to be left feeling powerless as their dreams collapsed, their family’s future in jeopardy and a deep sense of uncertainty in how they will continue to serve others if they aren’t able to care for themselves.

And then they started to slide...

Old habits crept in, old memories refused to be buried and many are clawing for the support of power plants, fabulous fungi and supportive substances regardless of whether they have guidance or not.

There is a call for change beyond what we have ever seen before and the time is NOW to lean IN..

Join Us LIVE Or Virtually October 27, 28, 29th- 2021!


Experienced Speakers

Including Shaman, Physicians, Researchers, NLP Practitioners, Plant Medicine Facilitators, Nurses, Bio Hackers, Money Mindset Mentors, Spiritual Leaders And Purpose Driven Community Leaders


Best Practices

โœ… Best Practices/Apps/ Processes For Intake And Structured Integration Practices

โœ…  90 Day Integration Protocols To Support Lasting Transformations

โœ… Creating Spaces That Support Ease, Safety And Client Empowerment

โœ… Cultural Considerations 

โœ…  Energetic And Emotional Hygiene


Tools And Techniques

โœ… Body Mapping And Learning The Unique Language Each Body Speaks

โœ… Educating Micro/Macro Dosing: How Much, With Whom And When

โœ… Supplement Stacks To Support Longevity, Health And Vitality

โœ… Discerning The Who/When And How You Participate In This Exciting Field While Protecting Your Family And Assets


Over The Weekend You Will Get

Community Building

Connect with like-minded, purpose driven enthusiasts, committed to sovereignty, personal empowerment, sustainability and growth.

Best Practices 

Holding space, reciprocity, ethics, red flags, sovereignty, safety and on-boarding processes.

Learn tools to identify who you can serve now, from where you currently are while expanding the tools you already have.


Ancient Traditions And Current Sciences

Featured speakers and group dialogue.

We contribute proceeds to Cosmic Sister, The Ancestor Project, The Q'ero And The Veterans Walk And Talk Project.


We are Tah And Kole

We partner with awesome people like YOU who love all of the latest bio hacks, and are committed to supporting clients in lasting transformational processes.

With Tah's 25 years in emergency medicine, Kole 17 years in educating professionals about life’s addictions, 17 years combined in various shamanic traditions, 15 years combined personal training and body alignment to NYC’s performance driven entrepreneurs...we know and LOVE people.

We are playfully obsessed with evolution and have processes that support flow, ease, pleasure and freedom by integrating WITH the body's instinctual evolution.

Whether you are attune to it or not, you AND your clients are physically affected by the constructs you are participating in and they are showing up EVERYWHERE.

We are here with the structures we have identified help align the BODY into the master vision with fun, play, creativity and FREEDOM.

We focus on what you want whether it is an 8 figure business, deepening relationships or embodying the freedom that you (and your clients) have been fighting to create.

Weaving the body deeply into every process and every facet of life: family, business, love, sex, fun, spirituality, contribution and expansion IS the difference. 

Your Mindset has to be integrated with your Bodyset.

Meet Our Family Of Speakers From The Last Event In May

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This IS For You If...

  • You understand how systems and self awareness impact the way you hold space for others
  • You are a freedom focused adventurer who focuses on personal empowerment and have seen the the power of journaling, ritual creation and sustainable habits for lasting results
  • You are a purpose driven leader, who, many come to for supportive ideas and tools
  • You are a transformation obsessed wellness expert/practitioner who know the value of diet, lifestyle changes and how environment impacts the body
  • You want to build a sustainable practice that give back and is financially abundant 
  • You are seeking more tools to support your business so that you can focus on SERVING your clients
  • You're loving the impact of your own self work and are looking to open up more to receiving the gifts of abundance, ease and freedom that you have been creating WHILE being in service
  • You are driven by deep, authentic connection and know the value of the community you have created

If any of these resonate, you're in the right place!

Fill Out This Form To Learn More

This Is NOT For You If..

  • You are looking for the procurement of psychedelics or substances that are not legal for you to serve clients, we do not condone illegal activity or illicit drug use
  • You are in a state of constant or consistent overwhelm, anxiety or depression and struggle to stay grounded in your day to day thoughts  
  • You are having suicidal ideations and do not have a skilled therapist, coach, or peer that you can be honest, open and get support in your own life
  • You are LOCKED into what is possible and what is NOT possible for you, your clients, your business and your relationships
  • You have not explored any of the dietary shifts to lower the physiological noise of poor food/lifestyle choices in addition to these healing modalities
  • You are attached to "healing" as outside of the SELF with rigid dogmas 
  • You don't like swear words (seriously)
  • You are reluctant to try new possibilities, exercises, modalities and ideas that may not make immediate "sense"
  • You struggle to receive constructive feedback or are highly defensive and reactive in learning environments

If we feel that these trainings will not be in support of your journey we will be happy to make recommendations and direct you to a next step in your journey.

*The opinions expressed at The Psychedelic Space Program are those of Tahkole LLC. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Les Brown or any members of "Hungry To Speak." The designations employed in this live event and the presentation of material therein do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of Les Brown.