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Your Failures Made You Successful


Can become dysfunctional motivators for growth.

You are honored for your resiliency, inspire others with your story and know that your tragedies become your triumphs.

But is trauma and drama necessary for expansion or does it reach a point that it becomes a distraction more than a catalyst?

Grow --> Crash --> Grow

 You have mastered the 7 figure business model, built a solid team and have more space away from the day to day operations, which brings you to the next precipice of expansion.

Is the crash necessary, or has it become a belief based on who you were

If you are seeking more pleasure, fun, deep connection and abundance WHILE continuing to grow, it won't take another strategy, or a mindset makeOVER...

In fact, 

You need a mindset makeUNDER,

Your next level isn't the intellect of your mind, it is the integration of who you are with your body.

"Every year at Paleo F(x) someone "unknown" emerges to captivate the tribe. This year it was Tah and Kole Whitty. Thank you both for adding so much to the event and for elevating our tribe." "

Keith Norris
Co-Founder Paleo F(X)

Let Me Guess...

  • Growing up you experienced abandonment, unavailable or distant parents
    • Bullying or humiliation
    • Alcohol or substance abuse in the home
    • Physical violence in the home
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Feeling unloved as a child
    • Feeling restricted as a child
  • Or, high achievement was the means to receiving love from a parent, often when high achievement wasn't met, love was not felt or even taken away

You may have even explored alternative therapies like psychedelics, plant medicine, MDMA, Ketamine, cutting edge bio hacking and are constantly at the front of human evolution

You are experiencing symptoms that are 'unexplained' or dismissed but some part of you knows it goes deeper than that

You have witnessed (or experienced) friends and colleagues suffer from health crashes and know it is more than diet and nutrition

You are ready to experience the abundant life you have been creating without trauma, drama or suffering

You know that you can not expand any further by the same means that got you here and are seeking true fulfillment

You are looking to craft your business in a way that supports your desire for deeper connection, co-creation and more intimate relationships

If you are nodding your head 'Yes', 

your next level is here.

Passionate, Relentless and Committed.

As A Purpose Driven Entrepreneur,

You Were Not Born This Way

You Were Forged By The Tragedies, Triumphs And Change That Required You To Be Adaptable And Resilient 



Getting clear on how you truly feel about the systems you participate in and how they are showing up in your body is the secret to 8 figures in a fraction of the time. 

This goes deeper than strategy, you have everything you need the last true roadblock to hitting your next level is YOU.

Getting into the Truth about what constructs you are consciously and unconsciously participating in and how you choose to participate in them moving forward is the final hurdle for high impact coaches and 7-8 figure mentors.

Working with Tah and Kole is all about getting clarity on how constructs show up in your physiology and how to recognize them, deconstruct them and re-integrate in real time, for aligned momentum instead of damaging impulse.

An instinctual evolution and integration WITH your biology equates shifts in a fraction of the time and next level optimization in how you facilitate your business and personal growth.

An instinctual evolution has to occur to reach the new heights and the expansive experiences you are craving.

Your Body IS Your Business.

Do You Know What It Is Communicating To You?



What does your millionaire mind have to do with your millionaire body?


In order to increase or decrease the pace you desire in your life, you are must be able to accept the feedback your body is giving you and modify behavior based on that.

Knowing when to pull back will allow for immediate adjustments that will take little effort and time while preventing burnout. 

By learning the body’s language you will know ahead of time what your body needs and when.

Once you learn your body you will be able put the pedal down and get to the speeds you really want with the exhilaration of momentum and peace of presence.

Bio Integration is a process with systems to support sustainability through biological information to reach the speeds and impact that you want with the energy to keep up with the life you have created.

We have mapped out hundreds of business owners who’s childhood development created similar outcomes and have found the instinctual body to be adaptable and changeable.

If you continue on without learning the unique language your body speaks it is only a matter of time until another tragedy hits for you to grow though for another transformation cycle.

Do you know what your body is saying?

"Tah and Kole are incredible guides if you are looking to elevate your business, expand your consciousness and optimize relationships. "

Michelle Norris
CEO, Founder, Owner Paleo F(x)

We are Tah and Kole Whitty

 Bio-Integration Specialists and creators of the 8-Figure Takeover Makeover (8-FTM) 

We partner with awesome human beings who are on their way from 7-8 figures and they have done all of the latest hacks, diet shifts, hired all of the wellness pros and still get stuck.  to go way beyond biohacking and merely making mind-body connections. We guide our clients craft bodies that create, promote and participate in habits that are in synch with their deepest desired experiences, sensations and outcomes. Together we weave the body deeply into every process and every facet of life imaginable: family, business, love, sex, fun, sprituality, contribution and expansion. The 8-Figure Mindset has to be integrated with a 8-Figure Bodyset. We make that integration happen.

We understand the entrepreneurial condition from top to bottom through our combined 42 years of studying human behavior. With first-hand knowledge of what it takes, we're here to guide you into crafting a limitless expansion through body intelligence.

25 years in emergency medicine, 17 years in educating professionals about life’s addictions, 15 years in various shamanic practices, 15 years personal training and body alignment to NYC’s performance driven entrepreneurs we have worked with hundreds to identify the body’s subtle cues of dis-ease that evolve into illness and bring business growth to a halt.

We are playfully obsessed with evolution and want you to flow with the ease, pleasure and freedom that comes in integrating WITH your body.

Whether you are attune to it or not, you are physically affected by the constructs you are participating in and they are showing up EVERYWHERE.

Your business, your relationships, your finance ALL have manifestations of your childhood development and the impact of your life's experiences.

We are here to align you BODY into the master vision with fun, play, creativity and FREEDOM.

Innovate Through Body To Elevate Your LIFE

Apply Now for our exclusive  mastermind with clear breakdowns of how to utilize your current resources, your community and your BODY for faster, deeper realizations with actionable next steps in a fraction of the time.

Learning how to multiply what you have through what you have in an easy step by step process with unlimited support.

The difference between 7 figures and 8 lies in your awareness of your body. 

Join in a quarterly intensive, yearlong small group coaching format or take a Tahkole Trip to Illuminate, Integrate and then Create the support you need to for your next evolution.

Bio Hacking Is Cool.

Bio Integration Is Key.

Bio Hacking 

To Hack Into Your Biology.

Bio Integration 

is a methodology specifically designed for those obsessed with results and committed to stepping out of their comfort zone and ideologies.

You can not unlearn only in mind, you must DIS-integrate your physical processes before re-integrating the systems that will keep your body in forward momentum and flow.

Mastering your life means tapping into your instinctual intelligence to lead by FEELING for what you DO want instead of avoiding what you don't.

Tah and Kole Whitty use Bio Integration to create permanent change quickly by utilizing the body's nervous system to down regulate, relieve stress and close old trauma loops that have gone unresolved physiologically.

"The work I did with Tah and Kole helped me break through my own ceilings and limitations for this big new awakening and Money Magic creation."

Krisstina Wise
Wealthy Wellthy

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