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This is Not About Learning How To Kiss Asses And Get Hall Passes.

This IS about finding blind spots and bringing awareness to a world that is in a ripe place for growth and expansion for all people and YOU are the key.

If You Are A Visionary Who Believes The Next Wave Of Human Evolution MUST Be Inclusive To Be Expansive...

And You Desire Certainty And Support On HOW To Diversify Your Team And Be Anti-Racist In Your Business...

You Are Right Where You Need To Be.

Calling All Forward Thinking, Contribution Based, Heart Centered Futurists.

My Name Is Tah Whitty And I'm Here To Help.

My Team And I Support 7 Figure Visionaries And Online Content Creators To Elevate The Way They Communicate With Their Teams, Bring Inclusivity To Their Brand And Uplift Diverse Voices Within Their Industry.

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If you didn’t know that I am Black, or you find yourself saying something like “he isn’t really Black” you are unconsciously participating in the system of racism.

Your idea of what it is to be Black is, in itself, discriminatory...

and that is OK! 

What you do with the awareness is the difference in what moves humanity forward or keeps us stuck.

Contrary to what many people often assume, I am NOT bi-racial. I am not Mulato. I am not half White. I am not Latino. I am not South American. I am not Middle Eastern.


Both of my parents are Black folks. Same as my grandparents and great grandparents. We are direct descendants of American Slaves.

So if you start off by questioning my Blackness, you are already late to book a call with me.

Get to it.

If You Are An Influencer...

Anti-Racism Is Building Bridges Through Authenticity, Transparency and Connection.

Where Is Your Influence Directed?

Rated "R" Is A Step By Step Program By Tahkole For Online Content Creators, Mentors And Coaches Ready To Take The Lead In Dismantling Racist Paradigms In Their Field And Beyond.

"What is Racism And Why Would I Need Support In My Business?"

Racism is a construct that is a complicated system of dynamics that is designed to benefit a particular set of people to the detriment of and exclusion of people outside of that particular set that racism benefits.

As with all societal constructs racism mutates to maintain its effectiveness. This mutation can move from a space of awareness to a space of oblivion and still be just as effective. 

Racism is a very complicated system of intricate spaces and devices that utilize devices like oppression to conjure dynamics like hate and shame which trigger intricate emotional and physiological responses in the body that become subconscious habits in the bodies of both the oppressors and the oppressed. 

Without awareness of how it shows up in the nervous system of every individual, there is no hope to dismantle it.


Small Business

6 Month Group Mentorship

For 6 Figure Solopreneurs

  • Training Videos
  • Private Online Community
  • Bi Weekly Group Integration Calls 
  • Great For Small Business Owners
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Executive Consultation

12 Month Mentorship

For 7 Figure Industry Leaders

  • Monthly Guest Expert Training
  • Monthly Private Call With Executive Team
  • Online Training Videos 
  •  Monthly Content And Marketing Audit
  • 1 Day Intensive Workshop On Location In US
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Company Intensive

3 Day Training

  • Team Breakouts 
  • Interactive Assessments And Transparency Practice
  • Leading Through Landmines: How To Confront Without Conflict
  • Expanding your current perceptual lens while authentically sharing your perspective on topics that are confronting, charged or complex
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Not by mistake either...
You have faced many obstacles that required you to be adaptable, resilient and relentless. Something you have found deep gratitude for and you have expressed an appreciation for what it has enabled you to do.
But the truth is...

What got you here won't get you where you are going and neither will turning your head from racist paradigms as a leader in your industry.

There's A New Wave Of Human Evolution, One That Requires Flexibility, Freedom And High Level Awareness For Optimal Performance And Expansive Growth.

Evolutionary Entrepreneurs Must Integrate WITH Their Body's Natural Processes To Elevate Their Business, Their Impact And Their Relationships.

Take Action Now

You May Be Asking Yourself...

"Will This mentorship teach me HOW to say more when I don't know what to say?"

The answer is YES.

I have been personally approached by countless clients that identify as being “White” or white presenting who are feeling lost and having a hard time navigating things with their businesses, their friends, their family members and their children.

In fact, I have had multiple leaders reach out when their entire business collapsed for not taking a clear stand against racism in a way that their audience felt was “right” and they were punished mercilessly for it.

No one is feeling safe in any community right now.

My team and I don’t blame anyone for their hyper vigilant attempts to gain control, all action is needed and there’s no shortage of work to be done, however, we, at Tahkole are pushing for IMPACT and teaming up with leaders for change.

Few have been taught how to lead through the landmines of turbulent conversations like these and even less are masters of it.

Master Your Mind, Revolutionize Your Brand Voicing And Lead With The Certainty Necessary For Social Change.


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We are TahKole

You already met one half of Tahkole, the other half is my partner in business and in life, Kole Whitty.

With My (Tah's) 25 years in emergency medicine, Kole 17 years in educating professionals about life’s addictions, 17 years combined in various shamanic traditions, 15 years combined personal training and body alignment to NYC’s performance driven entrepreneurs...we have a diverse understanding and deep LOVE of people.

We are playfully obsessed with humanity's evolution.

Whether you are attuned to it or not, you are physically affected by the constructs you are participating in and they are showing up EVERYWHERE.

In Your Business...

In Your Finances...

In Your Relationships...

AND In Your Body.


We bring expansive and diverse thought through immersion, imagination, various modalities and practical skills.

We dig deep, consider, laugh and contemplate the workings of the inner being.

We LOVE people.

Working with us should excite you or scare the shit out of you.

(We hope you feel both)

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Keith Norris, Co-Founder Of Paleo f(x)

"The dynamic duo that is Tah and Kole have expertly helped me navigate blindspots and 'programming' that I'd never been able to conquer on my own. I'd call them 'experts in human potential', but that would undersell their gifts. I can't recommend these two enough!"

This IS For You If...

  • You are growing in self awareness and a desire to recognize and deconstruct systems of oppression in your business 
  • You want to be able to sit down with someone and ask questions to expand your current perceptual lens while authentically sharing your perspective on ANY topic that is confronting, charged or complex
  • You want to STOP posturing, protecting or over analyzing your responses 
  • You want to feel relaxed and certain that you can stay heart centered, open and part of the solution around racial issues
  • You are a freedom focused adventurer, a rebellious innovator who wants to tap into the power of imagination for realization, co-creation and expansive experiences that free and elevate black and POC voices
  • You are a purpose driven who can FEEL a visceral awareness something is calling for attention in humanity's evolution
  • Transformation isn't a buzzword, its a tool for momentum and you're a wellness obsessed, personal development junkie who KNOWS all the things but sees that there is still something missing in the racism conversations
  • You're ready to have more FUN and let go of the struggle and suffering for growth and perspective for inclusivity for your team and your industry
  • You're loving the impact of your work and are looking to open up the dialogue with more ease and lead confidently through the landmines of turbulent times
  • You are driven by deep, authentic connection and know the value of the community you have created and desire deeper, more transparent conversations around race, diversity and inclusivity

If any of these resonate Book A Call!

YES! Let's Chat!

This Is NOT For You If..

  • You are NOT willing to show up for the honest, uncomfortable conversations required with yourself AND your business
  • You are in a state of constant or consistent overwhelm and struggle to stay grounded in your day to day thoughts, fighting to survive
  • Having suicidal ideations and do 
  • You are LOCKED into what is possible and what is NOT possible for you, your business and your relationships
  • Have not implemented any other educational programs you have signed up for around racism, diversity or social injustice
  • Attached to "deconstructing racism" as outside of yourSELF with rigid dogmas 
  • Don't like swear words (seriously)
  • Are reluctant to try on a new possibility, that may not make immediate "sense"
  • Struggle to receive feedback or highly defensive

If any of this is you we are happy to make recommendations and direct you to a next step in your journey it just isn't with us.

Shoot us a message below and we will guide you to proper support for where you are.

Ready Now? Let's Talk.

Yes! Let's Do It!
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