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Ever Find Yourself Grateful For The Struggle?

Maybe you believe behind every breakdown is a break through...

Fail Forward, Fail Fast...

Is This You?

Then maybe you have also seen this pattern show up in your life...

Your health is great then your relationships blow up,

Or business is booming and your health crashes…

Yes, it all made you powerful, resilient and resourceful but have you considered what made you powerful is now holding you back?

The NEED to triumph over adversity is a TRAP and most of our optimization obsessed, high performance entrepreneurs are addicted to overcoming struggle for success.

We call this the Transformation TRAPP.






And it is a habitual pattern that becomes a part of how you create, orient and relate in your business, relationships and every area of your life.

Most entrepreneurs have programmed themselves to repeat this type of process over and over in order to make significant changes in their businesses and personal lives. 

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Life hacks and power plants are calling many thought leaders and world changers to the jungles of Peru and Costa Rica, but why?

To elevate their business and personal lives through the expansive experiences they believe psychedelics can provide.

But are they truly optimizing?

Or digging more holes to crawl out of?

Pain as a teacher is powerful...

Pain as your mentor is deadly.

The Truth Is...

Trauma and drama for momentum can become a necessity of the human organism to constantly survive, conquer or dominate something.

Long term or habitually it will become your biggest waste of time and resources.

So what do you want your process of transformation to look like? 

There’s a tangible system of integrating WITH your body's natural process to work WITH your body's intelligence instead of against it that doesn't require you to go anywhere.

We call it

The Condor Approach,

A step by step process that evaluates habits, tools and team support to expand your current perceptual lens in a tangible, systematic process.

Stop looking for something outside of you to create a business that is passion filled, purpose driven and profitable.


Not by mistake either...
You have faced many obstacles that required you to be adaptable, resilient and relentless. Something you have found deep gratitude for and you have expressed an appreciation for what it has enabled you to do.
But the truth is...

What got you here won't get you where you are going.

There's A New Wave Of Human Evolution, One That Requires Flexibility, Freedom, High Level Awareness And FUN For Optimal Performance And Expansive Growth.

Evolutionary Entrepreneurs Must Integrate WITH Their Body's Natural Processes To Elevate Their Business, Their Impact And Their Relationships.

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" working with Tahkole about business or personal transformation?"

The Idea That Your Personal Self Is Separate From Your Business Self Is Part Of What May Be In Your Way

If a business person’s body does not shift alongside an evolving mind-state and a growing business model... There are two possibilities:

  1. The business will shift without them, stagnate or crash.

  2. The business will shift without them and their body/relationships will crash. Which will lead to a business crash.

Whether business or personal, when you have a new mindset and a new business model in place, if your body does not shift to meet the evolution...

The body will crash and everything stops!

Your body needs to be Integrated with your mindset and business model to get to where you want to go.

We'll Take You On A Journey To Get It All Working In Harmony. THAT is what we mean by "Bio Integration".

A body that still has patterned ways of being that are not congruent to the shifts of the mind will show signs of stress, dysfunction, and fatigue.

Think of it like an open app running in the background of your mobile device, draining your battery and slowing down your processing speeds.

Your past ways of being may still be programmed into your nervous system as a survival mechanism that has been trained to be protective, reactive and in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze as it relates to your business.

All the supplementation in the world can not completely over-ride a hyper-vigilant system.

Let Me Guess...

As A Child You Received Love And Attention For High Performance, Good Grades, High Achievement


Experienced Emotionally Or Physically Abusive Behavior (humiliation, shaming, swearing, hitting, belts, etc) At Home Or At School

If you are anything like the 80% of 7-8 figure entrepreneurs we have worked with, it was one of the two.

Why does this matter?

As you hit the 40-45 years old range your body feels the wear of being driven by environmental conditioning that was patterned in to your physiology as a child.

Most commonly we see it as adrenal issues, thyroid, brain fog, fatigue, lowered libido, chronic aches and pains, cancer and health crashes in times of stress.

You know the impact of stress on your body, you can feel it BUT are you attune to the fact that your nervous system responses of fight or flight become habits in your body that need resolve, re-patterning and congruence?

If you have found us you are probably aware of it.

The thing is, as far as you have come in your journey you can feel your head butting against the next glass ceiling and your tools for growth and expansion aren't working the way they were before.

By now you may be thinking...

"But Tah and Kole,

I am grateful for what happened to me, it made me who I am and i wouldn't change any of it."

We get it...



You have been working to "let go of the past"...

but what if we tell you it is less about what you have to let go of..

it's what do you need to be able to receive.

If you keep digging in the dirt, you'll find it.

If you want to create, you have to look to the stars. 

(A quote from one of Kole's ayahuasca experiences)

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We are Tah And Kole

We partner with awesome people like YOU who have done all of the latest bio hacks, know the importance of eating clean, have checked out processes like Landmark, NLP,  plant medicines, meditation, masterminds and are attuned to the mind-body connection, though you may not feel fully integrated with it.

With Tah's 25 years in emergency medicine, Kole 17 years in educating professionals about life’s addictions, 17 years combined in various shamanic traditions, 15 years combined personal training and body alignment to NYC’s performance driven entrepreneurs...we know and LOVE people.

We are playfully obsessed with evolution and want you to flow with the ease, pleasure and freedom that comes in integrating WITH all of you compartmentalized "Selfs" into a unified, congruent "Self".

Whether you are attuned to it or not, you are physically affected by the constructs you are participating in and they are showing up EVERYWHERE.

We are here to align your BODY into the master vision with fun, play, creativity and FREEDOM.

We focus on what you DO want and call in what may be in the way of receiving it or stepping into it whether it is you 8 figure business, deepening relationships or fully embodying the freedom you have been fighting to create.

Together we weave the body deeply into every process and every facet of life: family, business, love, sex, fun, spirituality, contribution and expansion. 

Your Mindset has to be integrated with your Bodyset.

We make that integration happen through immersion, imagination, various modalities, weekend intensives and 8 day, international masterminds and psychedelics where legally supported.

We dig deep, consider, laugh and contemplate the workings of the inner being.

We LOVE people.

We can not WAIT to spend time laughing and loving YOU!

Working with us should excite you or scare the shit out of you.

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Keith Norris, Co-Founder Of Paleo f(x)

"The dynamic duo that is Tah and Kole have expertly helped me navigate blindspots and 'programming' that I'd never been able to conquer on my own. I'd call them 'experts in human potential', but that would undersell their gifts. I can't recommend these two enough!"

This IS For You If...

  • You are growing in self awareness and a desire to combine all of your heart, mind, body 'selves' into one harmonious SELF
  • You are a freedom focused adventurer, a rebellious innovator who wants to tap into the power of imagination for realization, co-creation and expansive experiences
  • You are a purpose driven who can FEEL something is holding you back in your body, a visceral awareness something is calling for attention
  • Transformation isn't a buzzword, its a tool for momentum and you're a wellness obsessed, personal development junkie who KNOWS all the things but sees that there is still something missing
  • You're ready to have more FUN and let go of the struggle and suffering for growth and perspective
  • You're loving the impact of your self work and are looking to open up more to receiving the gifts of abundance, ease and freedom that you have been creating 
  • You are driven by deep, authentic connection and know the value of the community you have created

If any of these resonate Book A Call!

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This Is NOT For You If..

  • You are looking to build out teams, scaling your business via techniques, versus perspective and reflection
  • You are in a state of constant or consistent overwhelm and struggle to stay grounded in your day to day thoughts, fighting to survive
  • Having suicidal ideations and do not have a skilled therapist, coach, or peer that you can be honest, open and get support from beyond the event
  • You are LOCKED into what is possible and what is NOT possible for you, your business and your relationships
  • Have not implemented any dietary shifts to lower the physiological noise of poor food/lifestyle choices (this must be done FIRST before working with us to be able to utilize and maximize the benefits) 
  • Attached to "healing" as outside of yourSELF with rigid dogmas 
  • Don't like swear words (seriously)
  • Are reluctant to try on a new possibility, exercise, idea that may not make immediate "sense"
  • Struggle to receive feedback or highly defensive

If any of this is you we are happy to make recommendations and direct you to a next step in your journey it just isn't with us.

Shoot us a message below and we will guide you to proper support for where you are.

Ever Feel Stuck?

It goes deeper that you think and we mentioned it briefly at the beginning.

The Transformation TRAPP






...for purposes of transformation.

Yes, what has happened to you is a gift and it brought tremendous lessons, perspective and value..


The need for transformations to obtain or maintain momentum can become a habitual state, a huge distraction and a massive waste of time and resources. 

Have you ever been in a great place in business and then your relationships tank? Or finally hit your metrics and then get sick?

Is it a coincidence?

Or have you patterned yourself to learn from pain?

Come spend time with us and lets find out!

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