Your Global Impact Is Resting On Your Nervous System .

Is your body the conduit...

or the brick wall?

A New Wave Of 

Human Evolution 

Is In Motion 

(And It's Ridiculously Fun.)

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"Tah and Kole are incredible facilitators if you are looking to elevate your business, expand your consciousness and optimize relationships. "

Michelle Norris
CEO, Founder, Owner Paleo F(x)

Choose Your Own Adventure

Your Mind And Heart Say Yes

Until Your Body Says No.

Download this 7 day somatic experience to find out how your body feeds or blocks your mission driven purpose.

In order to facilitate global impact you MUST integrate with your body to tap into relaxation and create energetic SPACE to create from abundance and flow.

What Does Swimming With 

Humpback Whales 

Have To Do With Expansion?

Who Cares!

We Are Swimming With WHALES And Have 3 Spots Left!

Um, YES! I Want To Swim With Whales!

All Of the Supplementation in The World Cannot Override The Physical Manifestations Of A Dysregulated Nervous System.


Bio Hacking 

To Hack Into Your Biology.

Bio Integration 

The Process Of Integrating WITH Your Biology Using Somatic Awareness And Expansive Experiences

"Their knowledge of the physical and energetic body to release stress is literally changing my business! "

Brooklyn, NY



You’re wellness obsessed.

Is Your Body The Machine...

Or The Magician

Bio Integration 

is a methodology specifically designed for those obsessed with results and committed to optimized health and for contribution.

You can not unlearn only in mind, you must DIS-integrate your physical processes before re-integrating the systems that will keep your body in forward momentum and flow.

Mastery of your nervous system means tapping into your instinctual intelligence to lead by FEELING for what you DO want instead of avoiding what you don't.

Tah and Kole Whitty use Bio Integration to create permanent change quickly by utilizing the body's nervous system to down regulate, relieve stress and close old trauma loops that have gone unresolved physiologically.

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 Stress from environmental, societal or familial constructs (consciously or unconsciously) physically manifest in your body.

Somatic awareness creates optimized performance and longevity.

The difference between exhaustive scaling and  exhilarating expansion lies in your awareness of your body.

History Is Stored Inside The Body

The body is a personal diary and is the only part of you that is only ever in the now, right now.

Like a sponge, it soaks up and saves every experience and stores it inside.

Stress that gets trapped, or unprocessed physiologically, if not released, becomes disruptive physically, emotionally and mentally.

Imagine how that impacts your drive for global impact?

The Pathway To Optimized Health...





Bio Integration


No supplement, routine or ritual can override a dysregulated nervous system 

Consider This...

How optimized is the processor on your mobile device when all the apps are open running in the background?
Your experiences and beliefs function the same way, constantly running in the background and slowing you down.
This doesn't only impact your cognitive capacities but your physiological responses, ability to heal, rest, recover and can inhibit or even bring your evolution to a stand still.


What you AREN'T consciously thinking about is where the REAL answers are trapped.

Meet Tah and Kole

We understand personal development from top to bottom through our combined 42 years of studying human behavior. With first-hand knowledge of what it takes, we're here to guide you to optimal wellbeing.

25 years in emergency medicine, 17 years in educating professionals about life’s addictions, 15 years in various shamanic practices, 15 years personal training and body alignment to NYC’s high stress entrepreneurs and utilizing multiple somatic trauma/stress release modalities to recognize the body’s subtle cues of dis-ease that evolve into illness.

We are body obsessed and want you to flow with the ease, pleasure and freedom that comes in integrating WITH your body.

Whether you are attune to it or not, you are physically affected by the constructs you are participating in.

We work closely with you to reframe how you function. This often requires identifying and dismantling the constructs that are dysfunctional or out of alignment with where you want to be or how you want to show up in all aspects of your life.

We are with you to co-create your own constructs of who you are and how you want to perform in contrast to what you have been participating in or want to opt out of.

We are here to help you see yourself and dream your whole body into the now.

"Tah and Kole are compassionate, loving, knowledgeable professionals with a tremendous amount of life experience, drive and determination. I'm looking forward to continue the path to freedom and aligning my body and mind. "

Dawn Orlando
Funkadelic Studios, New York City

What Does Working With Us Mean?

It means we are ALL up in your business.

Our one on one clients wear bio straps for heart rate variability, movement practices, sleep cycles, discuss stressors, life situations, relationships, medications, track their food and movement practices and requires a VERY transparent relationship to get where we are going.

Working with us is about safety and vulnerability.

Your emotional and physical health is our number one priority at all times.

Iron clad non disclosure and confidentiality agreements.

We do not store personal processes or data on any servers aside from contract length and term.

An alias can be created for forms, questionnaires and for tracking purposes and can be returned at the end of the contract by request, or destroyed.

Our clientele ranges from high profile athletes, wellness professionals and coaches to physicians and government officials. 

Your information, processes and privacy are paramount in creating and maintaining anonymity to ensure vulnerability and transparency.

There is never any need to protect us from any part of you since we have clear boundaries and stellar communication skills.

We invite you to see all of you and ask that every part be seen, honored and heard. 

Our process is a lot of data collectingmedical history, mental history, traumas, societal constructs and desired expansion.

We thrive on helping you get clear on where you are (physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally) and support you in expanding in all directions.

With bio integration we access your truths and reprogram what you can conceive and believe THROUGH your body.

If you want a team that is committed to your process with a

WHOLE-istic approach...

Let's Talk.

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The Science 

Science has given us a foundational understanding of the human organism. Everybody is a combination of systems that function in a relational, interconnected way.

Each independent system works in relationship to one another to support your optimal functioning in the world.

As an organism, there's a hierarchy of needs: 
safety → survival → success.

When you learn how to support your system as a whole, you’ll have the key to unlocking your full potential.

In the TahKole Bio Integration Method, we've broken the science of behavior into phases:

  • Nervous system fundamentals
  • Somatic awareness
  • Bio hacking integration
  • Environmental factors

Understanding body signals while offering practical tools to awaken your  “inner witness” so that true physiological and cognitive integration can occur.

Somatic integration is paramount for increasing your connection to certain "parts" of your Self, creating a sense of wholeness, and returning you to a state of well being.

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Different levels of stress can serve you or impair you. It is important that you know your relationship to stress. Your level of stress can cue you in on potential and momentum. Stress rides along a continuum. This continuum ranges from no stress, to optimal stress, to stress overload.

Stress is qualitative and quantitative. This means that it can be measured by quality and amount. The quality of stress can be viewed as positive stress or negative stress. The quantity is the amount of occurrences, focal points (how many different places it comes from), and intensity of the stress. Stress does not play favorites. Too much stress is too much stress. Too much “good” stress can overwhelm a person just as much as too much “bad” stress can. The same applies for too little stress: too little “good” stress can underwhelm a person just as much as too little “bad” stress can.

Stress is a normal response to stimulation, under stimulation or overstimulation, and that stress is not something that you are a victim of. The stress continuum affects you in every way. Knowing that too little stress (otherwise known as “Under Stimulation”), or too much stress (also known as “Distress”) can impair your ability to connect and can help you direct your efforts gainfully.

Conditioning is your adaptability to stress. When you team know how to direct and fortify your conditioning, you can perform from a place of Optimal Stress (also known as “Eustress” as much as possible. It makes  peeling back the layers, identifying stressors and addressing them by adjusting your conditioning to support your desired paths will set you free from blocks and in an optimal state for performance and flow.

Bio Integration

When you move beyond the thinking mind into BODYMIND integration you achieve transformations that are more fully realized. The focus of TahKole's methodology is the merging of dualities into a coherent working form beyond bio hacking, diet and meditation. 

Integrating WITH your biology and learning the unique language the body speaks is critical for deeper presence and awareness of your somatic experience which will ripple out into the growth, efficiency and expansion in all areas of your life.

Once you can established a solid foundational understanding of the biological mechanisms at play you can move on to the more creative and artistic process that propels flow and momentum.

It’s through a deeper understanding of the human organism that you will learn how to let go of only functioning from the thinking mind and explode into the realm of possibility.

In the Tahkole Bio Integration Method you are guided into the realm of body Intelligence.

Our greatest passion is facilitating an instinctual evolution to bring your body into POWERFUL awareness and full participation in all aspects of your life:

  • Family
  • Career
  • Recreation
  • Social Interaction

We do this through a system of five investments that are key to aligning the body with ANYthing you desires to be aligned with.

  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. NuHydrOxy (Nutrition, Hydration, Oxygenation)
  4. Movement and Rest
  5. Connective And Reflective Perspective

All of our programming is founded in this system.

It is our intention to bring awareness that the human body is just as powerful, intelligent and beautiful as the mind and the spirit.

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