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The Psychedelic Space Program

Facilitator Training For Spaceholders, Mental Health Practitioners, Ketamine Clinicians And Transformational Coaches

🔹Connecting Western Minds With Ancient Wisdom To Support Safety And Accessibility For All🔹

Join Us LIVE At Our Facilitator Trainings in Austin, Texas Or If Travel Isn't Possible You Can Tune In Virtually.

There Are Three Levels To Explore And The Difference Is The Depth, Duration, Expert Guests And Support.

3 Day Training

Introduction To Psychedelic Spaceholding 3-Day LIVE/Virtual Level 1 Training

90 Day Training

Deeper Dive Psychedelic Spaceholder Level 2 Training

12 Month Intensive

Psychedelic Masters Academy


Expand Your Understanding, Build Supportive Systems, Elevate Your Community Support And Flow With Ease Through Your Practices

✅ Clear Client Onboarding Procedures

✅ Best Practices From Intake To Integration

✅ Proven 90 Day Protocols To Support Lasting Transformations

✅ Creating Spaces That Support Ease, Safety And Client Empowerment

✅ Cultural Considerations And Sensitivity Trainings

✅ Body Mapping And Learning The Unique Language Each Body Speaks

✅ Tools And Techniques For Real Time Shifts 

✅ Educating Micro/Macro Dosing: How Much, With Whom And When

✅ Supplement Stacks To Support Longevity, Health And Vitality

Save Time, Change Lives And Build A Life That Supports The Impact You Are Committed To Making NOW.

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This IS For You If...

  • You understand how systems and self awareness impact how you hold space and integrate various experiences for your clients and you desire to combine all of your heart, mind, body 'selves' into one harmonious SELF in service to your clients
  • You are a freedom focused adventurer who wants to empower your clients to tap into the power of journaling, ritual and sustainable habits for lasting results
  • You are a purpose driven leader who many come to for supportive ideas and support 
  • You are a transformation obsessed wellness experts who know the value of diet, lifestyle changes and how environment impacts the body
  • You're ready to have more FUN in HOW you run your business so that you can focus on SERVING your clients
  • You're loving the impact of your own self work and are looking to open up more to receiving the gifts of abundance, ease and freedom that you have been creating WHILE being in service
  • You are driven by deep, authentic connection and know the value of the community you have created

If any of these resonates, now is the time!

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This Is NOT For You If..

  • You are looking for the procurement of psychedelics or substances that are not legal for you to serve clients, we do not condone illegal activity 
  • You are in a state of constant or consistent overwhelm, anxiety or depression and struggle to stay grounded in your day to day thoughts  
  • You are having suicidal ideations and do not have a skilled therapist, coach, or peer that you can be honest, open and get support in your own life
  • You are LOCKED into what is possible and what is NOT possible for you, your clients, your business and your relationships
  • You have not explored any of the dietary shifts to lower the physiological noise of poor food/lifestyle choices in addition to these healing modalities
  • You are attached to "healing" as outside of the SELF with rigid dogmas 
  • You don't like swear words (seriously)
  • You are reluctant to try new possibilities, exercises, modalities and ideas that may not make immediate "sense"
  • You struggle to receive constructive feedback or are highly defensive and reactive in learning environments

If we feel that these trainings will not be in support of your journey we will be happy to make recommendations and direct you to a next step in your journey.

Submit A Form If:

  • You FEEL, in your body, like you have found the next mentors to guide you deeper into  what you already know
  • What you are seeing looks good, you have more questions and are ready to check out what else we have to offer as far as processes and structures 
  • It sounds interesting and it has piqued your simply need it to make sense for you, your finances, your time and your intentions

We are Tah And Kole

We partner with awesome people like YOU who love all of the latest bio hacks, and are committed to supporting clients in lasting transformational processes.

With Tah's 25 years in emergency medicine, Kole 17 years in educating professionals about life’s addictions, 17 years combined in various shamanic traditions, 15 years combined personal training and body alignment to NYC’s performance driven entrepreneurs...we know and LOVE people.

We are playfully obsessed with evolution and have processes that support flow, ease, pleasure and freedom by integrating WITH the body's instinctual evolution.

Whether you are attune to it or not, you AND your clients are physically affected by the constructs you are participating in and they are showing up EVERYWHERE.

We are here with the structures we have identified help align the BODY into the master vision with fun, play, creativity and FREEDOM.

We focus on what you want whether it is an 8 figure business, deepening relationships or embodying the freedom that you (and your clients) have been fighting to create.

Weaving the body deeply into every process and every facet of life: family, business, love, sex, fun, spirituality, contribution and expansion IS the difference. 

Your Mindset has to be integrated with your Bodyset.

Will you be joining us April 29th- May 1st, 2021?

Join Us Live On Clubhouse Tuesday's And Thursdays At 10am cst, Wednesdays At 4pm cst Or Catch The Replay HERE

Ep2 Be Kind To Your Self, It's Always Unfolding

Feb 18, 2021