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Elevate Your Instinctual Intelligence, Expand Your Experience Of Freedom In Peru

Days In The Limitlessness Of What You Are Actively Creating And Are Committed To Creating In The Moment Of Now

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Dates TBD September 2019

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Have You Ever Taken Focused Time For YOU?  

Do You Desire A Deep, Immersive Experience To Explode Your Creativity And Unlock What You Perceive As Possible?

Your Awareness And Ability To Expand Your Physical Experience Is Imperative For Transformations


By removing you from your environment we can release the conditioning that limits explosive growth

Through andean plant medicines like wachuma, curanderos will guide you while you create new neural pathways, supporting realities of your own design

With nearly 100 years of experience your guides will be with you in preparation for, during and after the journey in support of your mind, spirit, heart and body to ensure a solid support and integration of your experiences.

Through intentional selection, your soul family is carefully curated to authentically hold space for you and you hold space for them in deep, heart felt connection.

What Happens When I Apply Now?

1: Choose an available time and pay $25 to book your call. The fee with either be refunded after your call or be applied to your trip, no refunds for no shows of the call

2: You'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire that is required for the call

HURRY! Only 6 Spots Left!

Through This Experience You Will...

  • Shift your perspective as you connect in daily meditations and ceremonies at sacred sites throughout Peru
  • Connect deeply to source, personal and spiritual, through plant medicines in immersive experiences with tribes to re-frame the way you view the world around you
  • Connect authentically to the soul family you are journeying with, learn what true unconditional love and acceptance feels like and how to give it 
  • Learn to listen to and translate the unique language your body speaks, creating a relationship for ease and freedom
  • Embody being yourself without societal, familial or environmental constructs
  • Have a greater understanding of the cyclical process of healing, making you more equipped to recognize it when you're in it and detach from the tornado effects of stress/trauma
  • Have a clear understanding how your specific path was necessary and recognizing the conditioned lens you view the world and how your filters impact your relationships and how to operate IN constructs without being governed by them

Listen In As We Talked At The Top Of The Master Mountain of Machu Picchu On The Last Trip

The Use Of Power Plants As Teachers And Guides Is Exhilarating And Life Changing.

It is AS IMPORTANT if not MORE so that WHO you are with is of the highest integrity and that the container they create is safe.

Your safety is our number one priority both psychologically and physically which is why we also travel with an emergency medicine nurse with 25 years experience in NYC hospitals, 15 years in personal training/body work and various other supporting modalities.

We are honored you have chosen us to explore your deepest levels of consciousness and we are committed to supporting you before, during and after our journey.



Your Itinerary

September 20th - Sept 28th

  • SACRED VALLEY Arrivals into Cusco. Reception and transportation to the Sacred Valley. On the way to our hotel we will stop at Chinchero and visit the amazing Earth Altar, discover the magical Hatun Chinkana, which in the master path is an initiation place. This Waka which is a brain itself will permit to travel to the dimension of our soul
  • Wachuma ceremony with Mallku to enjoy the magical grounds of the retreat center
  • OLLANTAYTAMBO Morning visit Moray, an ancient Inka site with circular terraces that used to create exceptional conditions or micro climates that fostered domestication, acclimatization and hybridization of a wide array of wild vegetable species that were modified or adapted for human consumption. In the afternoon we will explore the absolutely unique and ancient sanctuary of Ollantaytambo. Overnight in the Sacred Valley.
  • MACHU PICCHU - We will travel by train  to the village of Aguas Calientes and after some rest we will visit the famed city of Machu Picchu, named by Mallku as the Crystal City, the Rainbow City, the City of the Kondor and the Hummingbird, the City of Peace, and the City of Light. The legendary beauty and stunning energy of this magnificent city defies description. Over night in this picturesque village.
  • MACHU PICCHU - Early in the morning we enter Machu Picchu to take part in ceremony for a deeper journey into the inner path to gain confidence in our souls and our unique purpose for the arrival of a new time. Possibilities to ascend the power mountain in the area as the Master Mountain of Machu Picchu. We return to Cusco on an afternoon train, and overnight in the “navel of the world.
  • INKA ALTARS (SAQSAYWAMAN - Q’ENQO) Discover the amazing Inka altars near Cusco as Amaru Machay, the cave of the Serpents, guided ceremonies at these powerful location. Continue to Q'enqo, the sacred place of the Puma. Mallku is a specialist in Q'enqo and its rich lore and history. From there we travel to Saqsaywaman, which is a huge, stunning site that holds the great house of the Sun, where the head of the Puma of Cusco resides. Its megalithic, zigzag stone walls were pieced together with amazing skill, drawing snakes and other Andean symbols the, like a lightening bolt across a great field. Return to Cusco and rest.
  • TEMPLE OF WATER - PISAQ  - Morning visit Tipon, an ancient agricultural site with many terraces and an intricate irrigation system that culminates at a Temple of the Water. Then, continue to explore the Inka town of Pisaq. The entire mountain behind the village is considered an archaeological treasure, and for good reason. We are bussed several miles up to the top, from where we can hike downhill past ancient sites and burial grounds along an amazing trail with breathtaking views. We arrive to the Inka altars and ceremonial places and in a release meditation discover your inner power and mastery.
  • RAINBOW MOUNTAIN Very early departure through lush valleys and snow capped mountains to discover the jaw dropping back drop of Rainbow Mountain, which is a spectacular soil and color formation from nature with spectacular spots and energy, this is a demanding hike and horseback is an option with loads at the mountain if it is too much for any individual. In the afternoon arrive to Cusco for lodging.
  • Final Integration Wachuma Ceremony with the mystical Q’ero Tribe where they will honor us with a despacho ceremony and condor father cleansing to imprint our deepest intentions and set out journey into our hearts
  • Departure flights from Cusco
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What Is It Like Work With Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

Breaking It DOWN!

  • It is $4,444 unless plus CC fee, yu can avoid this by doing bank transfer. It is a $1,000 deposit to hold you spot, payment plan or PIF $3,444 by August 15th 2019

Due to the nature of plant medicine work, high altitude and our deep desire to properly align a group that is willing and able to be on the same wave length. For this, we must vet each applicant to protect the individual AND the group.

Our number one priority is the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health of every individual.

In the 45 days leading up to the trip there will be processes, calls and preparatory steps taken to ensure that you are ready for the experience in your heart, mind and body.

We have also made arrangements to have an emergency medicine nurse of 25 years with us for the duration as well as extremely experienced andean guides.

The wachumero and our guide throughout our travles is Mallku Aribalo, an andean master teacher who is highly respected for his expertise in Andean Archaeo-astronomy. He is the author of multiple books on shamanism has been a wachumero for over 30 years. Mallku perfectly blends the ancient wisdom with the current cosmic evolution.

Our second facilitator and guide with the grandfather plant is The Myburghs in Cusco. Lesley, Mark and Simon are well known for their magical mountain house and unique relationship with the Q'ero tribe. The magic of the property and her gardens is always a reverent and beautiful dance of the energies.

Our ayahuascaro comes from a long lineage, Maestro y Medico Saúl Rodriguez Vela from Pucallpa. He comes from a family of Shipibo shamans from the pueblo "Nuevo de Caco". He has 11 years experience with the medicine and more than 84 months of strict plant dietas.

In addition, your group leaders have held space in and co-facilitated hundreds of ceremonies of numerous lineages and various power plants.

It is true that in order to fully experience every location you will need a certain fitness level. We will be suggesting workouts leading up to the trip to ensure you have a good base of strength to reach the peaks of the journey. Please note, that any day if you do wish to participate in the full climbs you will still be inspired at every level you reach and will be safe to stay at your comfort level.

Unfortunately, refunds are not a possible and for this reason we recommend that you get trip insurance to cover your flights and trip in the event of an emergency.

The way we secure discounts for premier locations is by booking in advance and all activities, transportation, tickets and hotels are non transferable since your passport number is used to book


To start. There is NO MAGIC PILL (or plant) if you're coming to "fix" yourself, this is not the trip for you. 

All things happen in their own time and when it is YOUR time, you'll know.

There are trips that cost less than this one to go into the jungle and do ayahuasca for 10 days if you want to "fix" something that we do not see as broken.

If this trip is right for you, only you can determine that and it is not our business to persuade or sell you on coming.

This trip, if it is for you, will call to you. If you feel the call it will all fall into place if you are able to trust that all will align as you continue the work.

Flights to and from Cusco Peru are NOT included. Once you arrive in Peru your transportation, ceremonies, food, lodgings, flight to Lake Titicaca and back to Cusco, entrance to sacred sites ARE all included.

Book a call, we require you fill out a medical form and history as a part of the call. Be as up front and honest as you can


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