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If you desire 1:1 work or private small group work, you can email for rates directly to [email protected]

Due to the nature of the work we ask all questions be directed via the signal app or via email with discretion.

Anonymity, privacy and safety are our number one priority, if you would like to refer someone please reach out privately first.

The safety of the container must be observed at all times.

There are no refunds for live events since this is the final day retreat

Sun December 8th


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""Inspiration comes in all forms. But for me...in only one word "Tah Whitty! I was practically leveled...immobilized in pain by a back injury carrying heavy music equipment about 1 1/2 years ago and virtually everyone in the medical and physical therapy arena gave up on me. I was in such a bad place when my dear friend Tah took me under his wing, not only showing me that I was physically able to do the exercises, but he re-trained my brain and turned my head and my whole life around. I am back singing, dancing, playing music, working out, swimming, biking, skating, you name it! He taught me courage, bravery and most of all "freedom" and the ability to do anything you set your mind to and for that I will always be grateful." "


"Kole is SO knowledgeable and helped me tremendously with healing my body and associated trauma"


"From the deepest depths of my heart and soul, I am forever grateful…I am living my BEST life and I attribute part of that to the invaluable work I’ve done with TahKole."

Lee Noto
Brooklyn, NY

"“I attended all 3...events and I will truly never be the same. From Kole herself, who is the greatest gift, to the other women sharing the day...I am monumentally changed. Forever. Grateful beyond belief.”"

Brooklyn, NY

"I never realized how much trauma I was holding in my body. I feel much lighter in my chest and heart. The unique group of women who participated added to the safe, loving environment to express lifelong vulnerabilities and heal. I feel so much more connected to myself, to love, the universe and the women who shared this journey. Kole is an amazing, kind, loving, spiritually gifted woman who embodies empowerment and healing of traumatic experiences. She's walked this road and come out on the other side. She can light the way for you. If you feel you just want MORE and not even sure what it is, say YES to the calling of this workshop! You will be transformed."

Lori C

""So grateful to have support from this incredible couple. Tah and Kole are compassionate, loving, understanding, souls with a tremendous amount of life experience, common sense, drive and determination. TahKole Fitness is the gift I gave myself this year and it's been a great experience. I'm looking forward to continue the path to freedom and aligning my body and mind. #LetsGetFree" "


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Your body is the vehicle of experience, your intuition lies in your gut. Emotions like anger, rage, guilt, shame, stress, anxiety are all stored within your core and cloud your intuition. Left long term they become dis-ease of the body

DISEASE of the body.

What Is The Construct Of Your Reality?

Are you aware of how your conditioning and the constructs you subscribe to effect, not only how you show up in the world and perform but the limitations they bring as a result?

Limited by conditioning

Most of what you know was taught and learned. One thing is for sure is human beings share the tendency to avoid suffering. The pursuit of well-being and survival is common to everyone in some form of fashion and it certainly varies in how that pursuit shows up.

Depending on where you are born, there is more or less chance of surviving social conditioning.

You "react", as you have learned, using your knowledge and experience which is limited by the beliefs of the environment that “trained” and conditioned you.

You "Remember" to fit in with the people you live with and learn what to do to "maintain" an environment with limited customs and rarely wonder if they are beneficial or harmful because they are attached to strong fears of loss, ideas of family, connection and community.

Your thought is limited by your perception and literally develops rigid methods or shared dogmas like linear time, religious beliefs, competitiveness and all social, political or social institutions.

Understanding our own conditioning as facilitators, coaches, mentors, mothers or friends enables you to see where we you as we connect to or disconnect from these constructs and practice a deeper level of compassion for the people we choose to interact with.

Your business, your purpose, your relationship to yourself (and others) grows ten fold when you allow your body's instinctual evolution to occur through bio integration while in process of re-constructing your reality.

Letting Go

What if you could "shake off" the daily stressors and old stored emotional and physical pain without going into your life's traumas in order to decide how you wan to respond to them versus react?

You can.

We Will Be On Hand To Facilitate Your Expansion In Heart, Mind Soul And BODY To Bring Clarity And Momentum To Your Intentions.


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Having skilled facilitators to dig deeper into what your body is trying to tell you to facilitate more clarity in what YOUR truths are for YOU.

How would your life be different if you could understand the unique language your body speaks?

Consider what it would feel like for you and your body to be a team.

In this one day event, you will.


 25 years in emergency medicine, 17 years in educating professionals about life’s addictions, 15 years personal training and body alignment to NYC’s high stress entrepreneurs utilizing multiple somatic trauma/stress release modalities to recognize the body’s subtle cues of dis-ease that evolve into illness and 15 years in andean traditions and shamanic practices.

We are body obsessed and want you to flow with the ease, pleasure and freedom that comes in integrating WITH your body.

This isn't a cure all or a magic pill. 

It won't all unravel in one day but this is a huge opportunity to make leaps and bounds into a new experience of YOU

Maybe You Still Have Questions? 


Q: Would Medications Or Conditions Impact My Participation?

A: Yes. We need to know everything you are taking daily and any medical conditions. Please email [email protected] to schedule a call

Q: How much time will it take for the workshop?

A: Arrival time is 9 am Saturday and we will have a final integration at 7 pm, please plan to stay until 9 pm

Q: What should I bring?

A: Not much. A pen, paper, water bottle and comfy clothes. We will be outside so you may want sunscreen and a hat.

Q: What Is The Cost?

A. $350 total

Q: How do I know I will be fixed or benefit from the workshop?

A. To start. You aren't broken. There is merely work to be done to help you experience life the way you want to.

The REAL question is what wouldn't you do to acquire the skills and framework necessary to fully embrace a new perspective?

Q: What Is The Refund Policy? 

A: As a general rule there are no refunds, you have 90 days to either transfer the amount to another date or Tahkole event or transfer to another person pending approval.

“When you mind over matter you prove how little your body matters to you.”

~Kole Whitty

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