It’s time to set the new standard for healing and how to hold space for those that need it.

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Integration is not optional.

The only way to provide truly lasting transformation for your clients is through integration - which means providing an experience beyond simply holding space.

We need a deeper connection with our bio-systems to deeply shift how our body and brain communicates - only then can we heal.

We need to feel confident we can take clients through a healing experience that lasts beyond our sessions.

True transformation comes from integration.

Introducing Our Signature Methodology:
The Condor Approach

Any interaction that doesn’t feed you depletes you so how you spend your time and the way you facilitate transformation IS the difference of walking the walk in the psychedelic space.

Whether you are therapist, healthcare professional, bio hacker, life coach or someone who has been deeply impacted by the healing possible in psychedelic spaces, having a clear system to support others means MORE lives changed in a fraction of the time.

Through our signature framework you will create safety, accessibility and sovereignty for your clients.

Using The Condor Approach, we will show you exactly how to experience and facilitate truly life-changing healing experiences. Our methodology allows you to facilitate a deeper experience through the 4 IN's process - INtake, INtention, INspace, and INtegration - which we walk you through inside our programs.

The Condor Approach introduces you to a profound level of self-awareness in your biosystems that allow deeper healing and create lasting transformation through deep integration of all aspects of your life.

As individuals, we connect intimately with ourselves.

As coaches and healers, we establish a new standard for care.

We’re changing the world by showing more people how to trust their own inner guidance while translating the unique language their body speaks as they integrate these experiences into their lives.

We're on a mission to change the idea of healing forever.

When you become an integration coach you empower your clients with a method that you've used yourself, which is why we show you how to use our signature methodology through first experiencing it yourself then becoming a full integration coach, able to apply it to your area of expertise.

Welcome to the new wave of human evolution.

Meet the Guides Behind The World's Leading Psychedelic Integrations

Tah & Kole Whitty are high-service healers and mentors with over 20 years in the psychedelic space.

Tah & Kole are creating an ecosystem of integrative master coaches who use psychedelics and plant medicine to create intimate and truly integrative experiences for themselves and their clients - rewriting how our world approaches health and healing.

They are committed to creating safety, accessibility and true, long-lasting results through integration training, using their foundational processes and signature method, The Condor Approach.

You can learn more about them and their individual journeys by clicking below.

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Use our signature method in your work by becoming an Integration Coach. 
Together, we'll set the new standard for health and healing in the world.

The Bio-Integration Upgrade 

This 90-Day Coach Program introduces multiple ways you can create lasting transformation through community, connection and collaboration to serve more people in less time to elevate your level of impact and expand your most precious resources known as time, money and physical energy.

This program introduces you to the signature method, The Condor Approach, sets the foundations of integration, and immerses you in the world of plant medicine.

Safely add psychedelic integration as a tool for your clients. 

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Integration Master Certification

This Master Coach program solidifies your foundations, builds confidence in your facilitation skills, and allows you to use psychedelics to change lives faster than ever, using our signature method, The Condor Approach.

This certification program gives you access to everything we use to facilitate transformative integration experiences for our clients - including our entire backend systems to set up your own, trainings and live coaching, and even the community of master coaches with expertise in other areas of psychedelics and healing.

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