Creating Rituals For Quantum Shifts In Your Reality

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Do you take on the feelings and moods of those around you? Do you struggle to stay in a good mood when your partner is down? Or staying excited when your kids are miserable?

What Is A Construct

The human body itself is a physical construct. It is something that we create, condition, mold, shape, apply function to and live in. The body is influenced by the social constructs that a person participates in. How the social constructs impact the individual on a mental, spiritual and emotional level, impacts the physical construct of the body.


The Trauma Continuum

Just like other stress, trauma is a response. Trauma is very much a physical body phenomenon and not only the complicated mental recall and emotional after effects of an event as it is often described as.


The 3 P's You Need

Your physical body is alert to your discomfort long before your conscious mind catches wind that there is a problem. Start utilizing the 3 P’s in states of overwhelm as a valuable practice and an invaluable skill for maximizing productivity, creativity and impact.


Why You Need Bio Integration (Body)

The body is the experiential vehicle in the moment of now and it is was anchors us into this three dimensional reality. If you could peel back your skin, layer by layer, you would see how everything is connected and the symbolism of where the dis-ease is and how it may be physically manifesting.


Getting Un-Stuck

If you are feeling stuck you could explore a movement practice to escape a visceral experience.


Do This Before You Do Anything Else


Why Your Reality Isn't Real with Eva Lobo


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