Facilitation Elevation

The Only 8 Week Program Designed To Accelerate Your Client Transformations At Retreats, Workshops And In A Private Practice Using Body Intelligence 

*currently only available in the US and Canada

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Are You A Facilitator, Coach Or Mentor That Does Workshops, Retreats Or Events?  

Can You Hear The Unique Body Language Your Attendees Are Speaking?

Your Awareness And Ability To Translate Their Subtle Body Cues Is Critical For Transformative Experiences.


A clearer understanding of the body's role in transformation means...

Clear vision of where your attendees are within a stress cycle to support rapid change and growth in the moment.

An ability to use your own body's intelligence to guide the energy and flow of the event.

Understanding how to support the release of habitual patterns trapped in your clients body for more realized transformations.

After 8 Weeks You Will Understand...

  • How to identify where your attendees are and use your own nervous system to anchor and guide the experience
  • Why you need to be able to transmit and receive information optimally through YOUR own body
  • The Difference Between Mind and Brain/Body
  • How Your Client's Nervous System Impacts Their Progress
  • Nervous System Basics: An Overview
  • Demystifying Chakras By Identifying The Physical Manifestation Of Trapped/Blocked Energy In The Body
  • The Stress/Trauma Continuum
  • What to Look Out For: Physical Signs Of Trauma, Stress Or PTSD
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze
  • Guiding Your Client Through Self Empowerment Techniques To Solidify Their Voice And Support Boundary Creation
    Basic Cultural Considerations: Why Environmental, Societal Conditioning Matters And What To Consider
  • Radical Honesty and Why It Is So Important
  • Client Assessments
  • Somatic Awareness


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Understanding the basics of the human nervous system and how it can cue you into how your clients may be responding to stress.

No supplement, routine, ritual or community can override what your client has buried inside their body. 

We are honored to have artist Eva Lobo, her insights and love, as a part of this program
"The Structure Of The Mind" is only ONE of over 200 artist representations she has created to awaken humanity.
Eva's work will shake you deeply and completely blow your mind. It is imperative you are clear on these processes to become a better human, reach a higher level of awareness, and elevate the way you facilitate.

October 15th, 2018 is the official Launch Of

Facilitation Elevation

The Only 8 Week Program Designed To Accelerate Your Client Transformations At Retreats, Workshops And In A Private Practice Using Body Intelligence 

Last chance price of $647 ends at 11:59 PM October 29th!

When working with people in transformational processes, it is imperative that you involve biofeedback and bio integration in your considerations for curricula and implementations.

We will explore: basics of the Central Nervous System, demystifying the system of Chakras, trauma, stress, dietary and cultural considerations, getting your clients un-stuck from triggers and somatic techniques, worksheet and assessments to help YOU Elevate the way you Facilitate.

Program Includes:

  • Access from anywhere you have internet
  • 2 live Q and A webinars
  • 12 modules delivered over 8 weeks
  • 15 Master classes
  • "The Structure Of The Mind" by artist Eva Lobo
  • Course materials
  • Slides for download
  • Mp3 files of classes for download
  • Client Assessments 
  • Techniques for body integration
  • Guest experts


Register Now and Save $150

Enroll Now And Save $150

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  • 12 Modules Delivered Over 8 Weeks 
  • 2 Live Calls 
  • Worksheets And Client Assessment Downloads
  • Bio Integration Techniques
  • Course Master Classes With Slides And Mp3 Downloads 
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Two Monthly Payments Of


  • 12 Modules Delivered Over 8 Weeks 
  • 2 Live Calls 
  • Worksheets And Client Assessment Downloads
  • Bio Integration Techniques
  • Course Master Classes With Slides And Mp3 Downloads 
$327 In 2 Installments

What Happens When I Enroll Now?

>> You Save $150 (even on the payment plan!)

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>> On October 15th module 2 will be released and will continue every week for 8 weeks (final week is course assessments and closing Q and A webinar)

Check out what YOUR clients will be saying with our Body Intelligence Process

"Inspiration comes in all forms. But for me...in only one word "TahKole"! They re-trained my brain and turned my whole life around. I am back singing, dancing, playing music, working out, swimming, biking, skating, you name it! I will always be grateful. "


"Who knew the body even had a language?! I now understand what that means to lovingly communicate and connect with this beautiful vessel I live in and understand the language it's speaking to me . This is the greatest gift I could receive in this life! THANK YOU! "


"I will truly never be the same. I am monumentally changed. Forever. Grateful beyond belief."


"So grateful to have support from this incredible couple. Kole and Tah are the gift I gave myself this year and it's been a great experience. I'm looking forward to continue the path to freedom and aligning my body and mind."


"To say the experience is life shifting is an understatement. Tah and Kole have helped me immensely in unpacking my emotions and trauma in a safe and loving space."


Frequently Asked Questions

Breaking It DOWN!

  •  you will receive a confirmation email 
  • an intro email will be sent to your inbox 24 hours after that 
  • on October 15th module 1 will be released and will continue every week for 8 weeks

A facilitator is a person who helps brings more ease, flow, or both to a process. Facilitators come in many forms: coaches, teachers, mentors, guides, healers, and practitioners of unlimited types. The type of facilitation one renders is based upon your own unique experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and level of expertise.

Facilitation Elevation will guide you through the basics of how the human body is known to respond and react to different types of situation based stimulation and how this stimulation may be causing and or effecting progressions or interruptions in transformational processes.

There will be an emphasis on recognizing and removing obstructions affecting the body that may be in the way of a progressive and transformational flow state.

We will explore:

  • basics of the Central Nervous System,
  • demystifying the system of Chakras,
  • trauma,
  • drama,
  • dietary considerations,
  • getting your clients un-stuck from triggers and situational stress
  • and many more awesome topics that will Elevate the way you Facilitate.

People are extremely diverse. Their diversities are not limited to race, ethnicity, culture or nationality. People are diverse in every way imaginable.

Their thoughts, feelings, experiences, family structures, diets, injuries, pleasures, woes, tastes, dramas, traumas and preferences and limitless other factors make them extremely diverse. The human body is the container for diversity, therefore it is in and of itself diverse.

The body is always further diversifying with every instance of life. It changes with experience. It changes with what it eats, what it breathes, and how it heals.

When this diversity of the human biology is taken into account, it can greatly increase the facilitation of the processes of the individual person.

This is an 8 week course beginning October 15th, 2018. You will receive access to 8 modules which will be released over 8 weeks. All content will be easily digestible for every experience level.

  • The importance of being able to transmit and receive information optimally through your own body as a facilitator.
  • The Difference Between Mind and Brain/Body
  • The Nervous System and Your Practice
  • Demystifying Chakras
  • The Stress Continuum
  • The Trauma Continuum
  • Nervous System Basics: An Overview
  • What to Look Out For: Physical Manifestations Of Trauma, Stress Or PTSD
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze
  • When your Client Gets Stuck Or Lost
  • Getting Your Client Back Into Their Body
  • Cultural Considerations: Why Environmental & Societal Conditioning Matters And What To Consider
  • Radical Honesty and Why It Is So Important
  • Client Assessment Creation
  • Bio Integration Techniques

If you buy before October 29th at 11:59 PM and take advantage of the early bird special you get $150 off of $797 making the total $647.

You can split the total into 2 monthly payments of $327 if you pre-register now


If you buy before October 7th at 11:59 PM and take advantage of the early bird special you get $150 off of $647 making the total $497.

You can split the total into 2 monthly payments of $259 if you pre-register now


Absolutely! The modules release once per week but that doesn't mean you have to stay on our schedule.  This is YOUR time to deepen your understanding and application of body intelligence to bring a new level of safety, awareness and evolution to your practice.

You Have Access For LIFE! That's Right! You can come back and review at anytime from anywhere or download the materials again.

You have 30 days to request a refund if for any reason you are not satisfied with the program.  We trust that we attract people of high integrity who believe in supporting high vibrational products and services. For that reason we don't need PROOF that you are not satisfied, we trust you have a good reason, that's good enough for us!

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We are TahKole 

We are freedom obsessed and want you to flow with the ease and pleasure that comes with integrating body intelligence into your practice.

We bring 25+ years of work in emergency medicine, 17+ years educating professionals about life’s addictions, 15+ years of studying numerous shamanic practices, 15+ years of personal training with NYC’s high-stress entrepreneurs, and utilizing multiple somatic trauma/stress release modalities to recognize the body’s subtle cues of dis-ease that evolve into illness.



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