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Dive deeper into your integration practices to learn the unique language of your body; a system that relies on balance, stability and rhythm.

Brain fog, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, your body has a way of telling you something's off. The power lies inside of understanding how you communicate internally with your body to empower you to make better decisions externally about wellness practices like eating habits, sleeping cycles, boundary setting (yep!) and emotional health.

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A minimalist approach to optimal integration

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  • Learn to translate the unique language your body speaks.
  • Keep yourself moving or get yourself moving- stop getting stuck by showing up for yourself in the workbook daily.
  • Create a better way of living where everything feels connected and aligned with who you are.
  • Learn the skill of presence through self-exploration, self-realization, and self-facilitation.
  • Get back in touch with your own rhythms and needs so you can live more fully each day.
  • Work at your own pace in your own unique, individual process to create lasting change in all areas of your life.
  • Learn radical self-responsibility as you observe your stress and sovereignty scores soar.
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Can something this impactful and life-changing be FREE?

Only if you let it.

Gain FREE Access {NOW}

Learn the 3 energies of evolution…

  • Are you in condor energy - Creating freedom, flow, and impact?
  • Or perhaps you are focused and driven towards what you want, like the puma?
  • Or maybe you are shedding your skin and past identities and creating a new you like the snake?

No matter what energy you are in, getting clear on what to do next is KEY after any psychedelic or transformational experience.


Our Unique System Of Body Mapping

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Are You Ready To Learn What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You?

When it comes to the process of healing and expansion, three particular functions are essential to understand regarding your body.

Your Body: 

  1. Receives Information
  2. Stores Information
  3. Communicates Information

The important thing to know is that your body is constantly taking in information, filtering it, and interpreting it. What you DO with that information- which data points you pay attention to, how you interpret it, and whether or not you hold onto it, is a significant determining factor in the quality and ease of your life experience.

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What's Included In This FREE Course...


Psychedelics 101

We start by breaking down what psychedelics are

  • What are psychedelics
  • Macrodosing vs Microdosing

Body and Emotions

Translating The Language Your Body Speaks:

  • Expansion Equation- what it takes to continue growing
  • Mind Your Mind- bringing awareness to your thoughts
  • 3 Energies Of Evolution- which one are you in?
  • The Health Continuum- the opposite of disease is ease, we explain what that means
  • The 3p's- one of our favorite tools to choose a different path when you get activated
  • Holding Space- what does that actually mean and how you can do it effectively for yourself and others
  • 3 Points Of Ease- all emotions can be traced back to safety, connection and fulfillment
  • Body Mapping- how to start to understand what your body is trying to tell you


Learn how your lived experience, culture and family dynamics impact your day to day life:

  • Constructs Breakdown- what is a construct
  • Multi-Construct Strain- the impact of conflicting constructs in your nervous system, behavior, states and strategies

Tools For Transformation

Order new workbooks and learn the context we use on our podcast and in our coach certification:

  • Physical and e-book downloads 
  • Glossary Of Terms
  • Bio Integration Techniques- easy ways to soothe your nervous system
  • Mantra Building- who we have guided thousands of people to create intentional models to remind them of what they want to create in their life
  • Journey Music Playlists- A few of our faves
  • The Wheel Of Emotions- Start to discern the difference and nuance in what you may be feeling
  • Finding Your Facilitator Quesionaire- Learn what questions to ask as you seek out coaches to supporters for your (legally of course) ceremonies 

You’ll finish this course with some things to consider as you explore the inner architecture of YOU.

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Hey Fam!

We are Tah and Kole Whitty

Tah, also known as the "Done Dude" (a nurse with nearly years of experience) and Kole (former substance abuse educator turned psychedelic advocate) founded The Condor Approach to provide a psychedelic-informed coaching certification for therapists, life coaches psychedelic enthusiasts who know...


With millions flocking to the healing possibilties of power plants, fungi and spiritual medicines with little to now support in finding safe spaces or how to integrate their experiences beyond the ceremony or journey.

If you are hearing the call to serve as coach in a field that is already underserved and you want to do it legally NOW, join us.

We don't need more psychedelic facilitators, we need more coaches able to answer the call to support their community.

"Your life will change forever in a way that puts you in the desire of your heart. This training will not only provide you a map for navigating and integrating all parts of yourself but you can also share it with others and build a business with this model. It’s all a win!!!"

-Dietra Taylor Barclift, LPC

"The authenticity and guidance is unlike I've ever seen! They show you how to live fully for your highest purpose!"

-Ariane Williams, Registered Nurse