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6 Years Ago We Adopted Henry...

Now we are ready to do it again!


We are TahKole 

We are freedom obsessed and teach clients how to flow with the ease and pleasure that comes with integrating body intelligence into their life. 

In October 2017, we set off on a journey to find where we wanted to call home. After 10 months on the road we settled in Austin and have been head over heels ever since.

A beautiful home, lots of space and loads of time to spend with pups makes this the perfect time to adopt, AGAIN!

More about US:

After  25+ years in emergency medicine in NYC hospitals, Tah left nursing to dedicate his life to keeping people OUT of the hospital. Kole, besides healing from numerous medical conditions, joined Tah in 2013 to start and together they are facilitating big shifts for people all over the world in mind and body.

Whether it is our 17+ years educating professionals about life’s addictions, 15+ years of studying numerous shamanic practices, 15+ years of personal training with NYC’s high-stress entrepreneurs we are committed to utilizing and adding more tools to recognize the body’s subtle cues of dis-ease that evolve into illness.

Henry is our 4.5 chihuahua who we adopted in Salt Lake City 6 years ago when he was about a year and half old. He had some medical needs which we promptly attended to and he has been a huge gift ever since.

Henry is great with small dogs and we have completely fallen for the big personality of chichi's. 

Kole used to work in animal rescue fostering and doing transports to get dogs from high kill shelters to safe havens, so adoption has always been the only way.

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"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”– Orhan Pamuk 

Message from Austin Mayoral Candidate, Travis Duncan

"Kole and Tah are intensely passionate about life! Their presence fills the room with excitement and determination for excellence. They are people who have a genuine patience in listening to the real person’s soul, and they give the utmost respect for each person’s truth to shine in its highest potential. Tah and Kole always leave people more inspired than they found them, as their magical gaze alone lifts ones consciousness into a new dimension of probable triumphs. No matter how great you may think something is, they have a way of honoring that greatness while offering even more improvement, in a way that gracefully doesn’t demand or hold expectation, in a way that offers unconditional love and acceptance for what already is and stimulates the imagination to self-determine what could be. Pure Love!"


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"Tah and Kole Whitty demonstrate compassion and creativity in their approach to life. Those who come in contact with them immediately feel their forthright sincerity and integrity. I highly recommend Kole and Tah in every way."

Lina Marchman
CiCx Austin

"Tah and Kole are two of the most gracious and loving people I know. They value honesty, integrity, acceptance, clarity, and collaboration. Their radiance shines bright with love and light. I have had the powerful and transformative opportunity to share part of my life with both of them, and I would honestly entrust them with just about anything. Their hearts are absolutely in the right place and they have the skills and resources to bring powerful and loving transformation to the world."

Cavin Balaster

"I have been friends with Kole Hansen Whitty for at least a decade. We have worked together providing opportunities for our friends and clients in the music industry. We have many mutual friends here in Austin and across the nation. I have known Tah Whitty for two years now, and his winning personality and work ethic make him an excellent companion. The Whitty's elevate the value wherever they choose to live."

Duggan Flanakin
Austin Promotor

"Tah and Kole are the greatest gift I could receive in this life! THANK YOU! "


Frequently Asked Questions

Breaking It DOWN!

We have a 4 bedroom in 78735 area of Austin. It is a rental with approval for pets as they we already have Henry and we don't go anywhere he cant.

The home is fenced with chicken wire across it, we do not, however, let such small animals out alone EVER. 

Henry, our chichi is 4.5 lbs and there is no way we are leaving any chance of him being attacked by wild life and the same will go for another pup!


There are no children in the home, we have one daughter that is grown and living in Delaware.

 Our intention is to elevate the way people facilitate at retreats/workshops and seminars by teaching them how to translate the unique language their attendees body’s are saying.

The body is like a sponge, taking in all the sensorium around it and often it doesn't release it again.

Our current launch will also enable us to deepen the understanding of the unique language the body speaks for people who work every day to make a difference. 

We strive to illuminate the power of body as LEADERS for instinctual evolution and maximum contribution, anyone that knows us know that NONE of it happens without out dog with us! 

Want to hire us? Than you hire Henry as well! Our pup is part of the amazing healing work we do with people.

Life Saving Transports

Kole shares one of her experiences in animal rescue.


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