In 2018, Kole Whitty, Host Of Warrior Women With A Purpose Podcast hosted the Women's Womb Healing Summit And Over 7k Women Attended. Now, One Year Later, She Is Giving FREE Access to The 28+ Experts Who Have Helped Ten's Of Thousands Of Women To Learn The Unique Language Their Body Speaks To Get Pain Free.

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Meet Your Team Of Womb Healing Warriors

28+ highly respected and knowledgable doctors, authors and industry experts share how you can connect with your body to optimize your experience of life and be pain free.

Kole Whitty

Bio Integration Specialist And Somatic Trauma Release Expert And Translator Of Your Body's Unique Language.


Nikki Sharp

Best Selling Author, Wellness Expert and once globe trotting international model.

Jess Poitra

Jess Poitra is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Autoimmune Coach featured at major events like Paleo F(x)

Holly Grigg-Spall

Author of "Sweetening the Pill: Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control" Featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, New York magazine and many more.

Chartreuse The AstroFLOTUS

Known as the First Lady of Astrology or the AstroFLOTUS, author of the Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook: your 28-day Astrological Guide through the Womb Wellness Journey

Ashley Watson

Psychotherapist / Spiritual Life Coach / Kundalini Teacher

Eleanor Bramwell

CEO of BodyWise Institute:  Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings, Meditation Facilitator Trainings, Social Justice Trainings and CEU courses for mental health, medical, and wellness providers

Dr Cori Cooper

Pharmacist, Health Coach, Professional speaker, and Diabetes Education Expert 

Megan Macpherson

Holistic Health Practitioner, Motivational Healer and Owner The Honey Pot Durham.


Estrella Jaramillo

Co-founder of B-wom digital health coach app with 215k users


Maryn Azoff

Vocal Transformation Coach, Member of the Tribe of Love, Fear Crusher, spirit lifter, soul emancipator


Vienna Farlow

Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and FemmyCycle
Marketing Director and owner of The Cuntsultant

Kerri Hummingbird

Soul Guide, Founder of Skills Not Pills Movement


Certified Human Potential Coach, Certified Health Coach and founder of Holistic Prana

Julia Barrett-Mitchell

FemmyCycle Rep and Film maker based in Brooklyn

Kirsten Karchmer

Founder of VivWellness



Doula, Maven, Ceremonialist And Keeper of Ancient Ways.


Jessica Griger

Co-founder of Daysy Fertility Tracker and the COO of the US office

Lea Knarr

Director of Customer Relations at Daysy

Courtni Hale

Urban Shamin, Founder of Finding the Force & the Center for Traditional Knowledge.

Kate Potvin

Fertility Coach, Period Pro, and Hormone Healer 

Kirsten Roberts

Double Masters Degree In Business and Marketing To An Intuitive Soul Midwife

Do You Suffer From:



Pain From Scars


Physical Pain 

Sexual Trauma



There Is Nothing Normal About Pain!

It may be common... NEVER normal and it doesn't have to be YOUR normal.


Hormonal imbalances can cause weight gain, PMS, acne, painful breasts, migraines, cellulite, loss of libido, a disrupted monthly cycle, menopausal issues, and burn-outs.

The BIGGEST culprit? Diet and Stress.


It Hurts.

If you are like 1 in 12 women you haven't told your doctor about your pain

You may even believe it's "normal."


1 in 3 Women Report Pain During Sex

Have You Considered How It Impacts The Most Important Relationship You Have? The One With Your Body.


Scars Can Hurt.

If you have ANY surgeries painful adhesions can form even long after surgery.

Bowel movements can become a painful experience, even if the surgery was no where near the booty hole, due to close proximity to the reproductive system.

PMS Is NOT Normal

From severe headaches to irritability, cravings, fatigue, insomnia and cramps ALL are cues from your body something is OFF. 


Feeling connected to your body, fully integrated with the past and in love with every present moment.

How would your life be different if you and your body were a team?

Consider what it would feel like to be the expert of YOU.

To be pain free.

Hear What Women Are Saying!

"Maryn's Master Class on voice healing has hit my SOUL! What a beautiful treasure to break through walls of trauma I have built!"

Orlando, FL

"All I have to say is these classes are historical! Even my maternal ancestors are astonished... This kind of work for the collective elevation of our is historical."


"I have PCOS and my cycle has gone from 88 days to 32 days from just one change. I am absolutely thrilled as all I ever wanted was some predictability in it. Thank you Kole and Dr. Cori!"

United Kingdom

By The End Of The Master Classes You Will

Have a Clearer Understanding Of Your Unique Body


Tracking Symptoms

Identifying Potential Deficiencies 

What Questions to Ask Your Dr

Sources Of Pain

Practical Skills To Break Up Scar Tissue 

Natural Hormone Treatments

Fertility Tracking 

Nutrition As A Boundary Dissolution 

Hormone Free Birth Control Methods

Trauma Informed Yoga


Tools To De-Stress

Plant Medicines As A Healing Modality

Kundalini Meditations

Womb Healing Meditations

Breathing Techniques To Calm Anxiety And Encourage Relaxation  

Embodiment Is Empowerment




In Depth Discussions About

The Physical Manifestation Of Conscious and Subconsious Thought Patterns 

Ancestral Trauma 

Practical Ways To Clear And Energize The Womb Center

Your Healthcare Rights

What Foods You Must Ditch NOW

Trifecta Of Healing - Ancient Wisdom + Biohacking + Activating Intuition and Awareness

Creating an Action Plan for Your Health

The Skills Not Pills Movement 

Strategies To Improve Your Digestion

This isn't A Cure All Or Magic Pill

However, there is so much you CAN do and MUST do in order to be pain free. Stop treating your symptoms and find out what can be done.

Hey beautiful,

My name is Kole, the creator and founder of The Women's Womb Healing Summit.

I see you.

You want to create, to contribute and  to connect deeply with your passions and the people in your life but pain gets in the way.

My deepest desire for you is to be free to show up fully in your life and in your purpose. I have seen my life transform as I worked through and released my pain and know you can have the same freedom.

I am a proof that it takes a 360 approach to get pain free and in these master classes you will be exposed to ALL sides of healing.

Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

Your body is like a sponge, collecting and storing experiences within it.

Emotions like hurt, shame, anger, rage and guilt are often trapped in the womb contributing to conditions like endometriosis, severe cramping, heavy periods, PCOS, UTI's and yeast infections. 

Add in stress, medications, nutritional deficiencies, sensitivities and childhood trauma and you have clear lines to illness.

Your Master Classes

  • Cervical Self-Exams and the awesome anatomy of YOU: Vienna Farlow “The Cunt-sultant”
  • Trust Your Gut, Clear Connection To Intuition : Radhika
  • Taking Care Of Your Body Should Be Individualized: Jane Barlow
  • Tracking Your Fertility Cycles: featuring Daysy
  • Transformation: Using your voice to heal and release your Creative Womb : Maryn Azhoff
  • Working from your Yoni-verse aka Womb Center Amplification: Amaritday
  • Navigate life challenges with skills, not pills: Kerri Hummingbird
  • Fertility As A Path To Whole Woman Health: Kate Potvin
  • Bonus Audio Session Sweetening The Pill; Or How We Got Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control- Holly Grigg-Spall
  • Being Your Health Care Advocate : Dr Lisa Whitty Bradley
  • To Kegel Or Not To Kegel: Vanessa Dougan
  • Embodiment Is Empowerment, Ayahuasca For Healing: Jess Poitra
  • Hypnotherapy, Infertility and Expansive Systems For Connection: Karla Lightfoot
  • Womb Steaming: Megan Macpherson Of The HoneyPot Durham
  • What is Trauma And What Is Trauma Informed Yoga: Eleanor Bramwell
  • The Cycle of Proving. Easy things you can do now to create a healthy environment for pregnancy, weight loss, or balancing hormones: Dr Cori Cooper
  • Featured Wellness Expert, Holistic Chef and Detox Specialist: Nikki Sharp
  • Fit down there: Fundamentals of Pelvic Floor: Estrella Jaramillo (B-Wom)
  • The History You Live In - Pain Patterns and Your Body’s Past: Chelsey Kapuscinskli
  • Shamanic Principles of Womb Healing: Courtni Hale
  • Yoni Egg Shadow Integration: mizChartreuse the AstroFLOTUS
  • 5 Miscarriages, Endometriosis, Cysts and IVF to Pain Free Periods and A Natural Life flow: Kirsten Roberts
  • Healing Anxiety With Kundalini Meditation: Ashley Watson
  • Your Menstrual Cycle Isn’t A Curse, It’s A Valuable Tool: Kirsten Karchmer
  • Why Use A Menstrual Cup : Vienna Farlow and Julia Barrett
  • Repairing Your Period with Dr Lara Briden

Access It AnyTime From Anywhere For One Whole Month FREE!

If You Are Feeling A Strong Pull But Don't Know Where To Start

You have a HUGE team assembled to give you the answers you've been searching for.

Still Not Sure? Did I Mention All The Other FREE Gifts?


  • 3 Day Jumpstart For Gut Health
  • Real Whole Food (4o page ebook!)
  • Sanctuary For Womb Wisdom Meditation
  • 10 Secrets for Happier Hormones
  • Self Care Challenge, 12 page e-Book Dr Cori
  • Jane Health Simply Wellness 100 page eBook
  • 15-30 minute health/fertility consultations with many of the speakers

Don't Wait! These Offers Expire When The Clock Runs Out.

Maybe You Still Have Questions? 

Q: Why on earth is this all FREE?

A: Because it has changed the lives of thousands of women and isn't my income source.

Q: How will taking my time to watch the master classes benefit me?

A: It is so packed with info I didn’t even know I didn’t KNOW and I want YOU to have to chance to learn it too! This is the stuff NO ONE TAUGHT US!

Q: What if I have other things happening and don’t know if I can dedicate any time to watching? Will I miss out?

A: Nope! When you BUY the master classes you get all 25b master classes PLUS audio mp3 downloads that are PERFECT for busy ladies on the go. Listen in your car on your commute or while you’re making dinner. These classes are engaging and informative in audio as well as video!

Q: How much time will it take for me to check out all the classes?

A: They are all around one hour long, so with 25 classes you are looking at around 25 hours of content NOT including the bonus offers. But time is going to pass anyway, 3 months from now you will be a TOTALLY informed YOU!

Q: Can't I just google this information?

A: Yes, you can.

Of course AND we all know the internet is full of a lot more than facts, my goal is to get YOU at an optimized experience of you experiential vehicle NOW! When you are in pain you can’t fully show in in your life. That isn’t okay with me! I know you can be pain free just like I am and many of the speakers you are going to hear from were just like YOU!

Q: Will this be yet another course I never get around to using?

A: This isn’t a course. This isn’t a test. This isn’t about tripling your income or finding your clients, this is about getting to the CORE relationship you need with YOUR BODY to be your most free YOU!


Q: How do I know what I will learn will help me be pain free?

A. To start. There is NO MAGIC PILL and I can save you TONS of time and money but telling you what almost every doctor and specialist says will heal your womb.

The REAL question is where are you going to be in 6 months if you DON'T take this time for you now?


“When you mind over matter you prove how little your body matters to you.”

~Kole Whitty

End Of The Road 

There is nothing left to do but get it or X out.


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