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October 4th-14th, 2023

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October 4-14th, 2023

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  • Gazing over the crystal-clear blue waters of Tonga as you strategize alongside Austin's power couple Tah and Kole Whitty 
  • Embodiment is much easier practiced WITH humpback whales. 
  • Learn and practice the regulation of your nervous system through activities and how it impacts your team. Clients should have snorkeling experience and understand that there is a lot of swimming involved on these tours.
  • Daily Workshops, Classes, Meditations, Movement Practices to facilitate deeper, more realized transformations alongside the majestic humpback whale.
  • Learn To Connect authentically through relating techniques to experience authenticity and acceptance.
  • We generally get in the water with whales almost everyday, it really comes down to the quality of those swims. We aim to get 3-4 quality swims in the 8 days with classes and breakout session in between.  

HURRY! Only A Few Spots Left!


  • Small groups: We take max 6 people. Other boats will put up to 12 people, this can become an issue, as you are only allowed 4 people in the water with the whales at a time. 

  • Good operators (it’s an art to swim with the whales, and we have the best crew who have years of experience. Believe it or not this can make or break your trip)

  • Top Accommodations: The island of Vava'u is small and quite undeveloped,  there are not a lot of  places to stay. Our our accommodations were booked years in advance, to ensure we had the best options available for our stay.
  • Special Guest Keynote: Loraine Van TuylPhD, CHT, licensed, holistic clinical psychologist, a shamanic & Depth Hypnosis practitioner, WomanSpeak circle leader, and award-winning author of Amazon Wisdom Keeper: a Psychologist’s Memoir of Spiritual Awakening. She will be guiding experiences for re-naturing our de-natured selves. 


What's Included?

  • Accommodations
  • Hot Breakfast
  • Lunch and snacks on water days (gluten free & vegan available on request)
  • Dinner locally as a group
  • Highly qualified boat, skipper, accredited whale guides
  • Daily snorkeling in caves and on reefs (whale swims are prioritized)
  • Daily somatic awareness meditations, bio integration techniques, deep immersive writing exercises 
  • Daily break out sessions and clarity questioning
  • Return transport from VAV airport to your accommodations
  • Photography/Video and post editing advice from award winning photographer Nadia Aly
  • 1 Post trip integration calls via zoom to connect and continue the lessons and realizations of the trip
Im Ready To Snorkel With Whales!

"Trip of a lifetime!!! Words can’t even begin to explain the experiences you will enjoy on this trip. Experience the amazing world of the humpback whale underwater. A truly moving and life changing trip. Incredible people will help make your dreams come true. From face to face experiences with 40 ton whales to meeting amazing new friends to great food to experiencing a new culture. All in a days vacation on this trip. Anyone who take this trip won’t be disappointed or ever forget it! Thanks for everything, Nadia! Mālō!"

Shane Hunt

"One of my BEST TRIP’S!!!! I waited a year for this trip and it went without a hitch from beginning to end... I am booking the 8 day package as the 5 was phenomenal however I was more time in the water. The owner Nadia is amazing!! The crew above and beyond.. As far as the people from Tonga 🇹🇴 warm and genuine.. I would highly recommend this trip!!!!!! Out of 10 stars this is a 15"

Josh Chilson

"The Bucket List trip you'll want to repeat! Our experience in Tonga was nothing short of amazing. Nadia arranged everything from our airport pick up, to drop off. Our accommodation was super cute and clean with snorkeling off the dock, our boat captain and guide kept us safe, and there the experience in the water with the whales was OUT OF THIS WORLD! The resort host owner and family are absolutely the sweetest people that work hard all day to make sure you have anything you need, including accommodating to dietary needs. There wasn't a time that we felt unsafe while in the water with the whales and these guys had an eye to find them, even when the seas were a little rough. Nothing compares to swimming with these animals, having one on one encounters with them, and at times being a fly on the wall watching mom-baby interactions... it was so incredibly special, we feel fortunate to have experienced it all. We were sad to leave Tonga, and have a countdown to when we can return and swim again!"

Amanda Monson

"The crew were OUT OF THIS WORLD! They took such great care of us! They are experts in and out of the water. I think this is this most important thing to note, the crew really made sure that we got to swim with whales, even on the harder days, they kept us in great spirits and even took us to snorkel in some caves. We got to swim with whales every day on the trip! What else can you ask for? Moms and their calves, a small heat run. Big ones, small ones, shy ones, curious ones, so much diversity in the types of encounters you can have. Every whale has their own personality, that's for sure! I am 100% coming back with Humpback Swims in the coming years, Nadia and her team did an amazing job! You really can't go wrong!"

Hilary M

What Is It Like To Travel With TahKole?

Frequently Asked Questions

Breaking It DOWN!

  • $7,997 and does NOT include airfare.

  • Includes meals, hotel and whales 
  • Flights
  • Trip insurance
  • wetsuit (3mm recommended)
  • DAN insurance (You can obtain an instant online insurance quote through http://scu.ba/TongaInsurance, or DAN Travel Insurance (USA clients only), or,  you may book your own preferred travel insurer. It is most important to read the specific terms of cover and to have emergency medical evacuation coverage and sufficient trip cancellation/interruption coverage for the cost of your trip. It’s also a good idea to have canceled flights covered in your trip insurance package)
  • Drinks 

Fins, mask, wetsuit and snorkel are included in the tour, but - it's usually better to bring your own. We spend so much time on the water, nobody wants to deal with fins that sort of fit, a mask that fogs all the time, or a wetsuit that doesn't keep you warm. So we strongly advise bringing your own gear.

  • Wetsuit or swimsuit (We wear a 3mm full wetsuit in the water)
  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Boat jacket
  • Camera!

Let's not forget about cameras to capture this amazing experience to share with your friends and family!

This is not a scuba-diving trip, so you don't need a diving certification. You should be comfortable in the water and know how to swim, and feel comfortable with a snorkel. There is no need for freediving experience as most of the whale encounters happen at the surface.

  • Our tour provides a photo expert who can advise all clients on photo and video techniques, as well as post-production processes. She is world renowned. 

There are no refunds.

That being said, if we have someone to fill your spot you can sell your seat

Pricing is based on double occupancy. 

Please buy trip insurance as we are not able to refund you for the trip, once you commit.


Due to the nature of the trip and the costs involved cancellations are not possible. Please get trip and flight insurance to protect yourself from potential problems.

By paying or placing your deposit for payment you agree to these terms.


Group size is key to having a great time with the whales in Tonga. Many trips take 8-12 — our boats have a maximum of six guests.

We are leading TWO trips. 

Trip A: October 3rd-14th 2020

Trip B: October 14th-24th 2020

Each trip is two boats for a total of 14 people per trip. (including us) There is an morning boat and an afternoon boat with us all meeting together for meals, activities and workshops

Each group takes turns in the water; the group on the boat takes a little time to relax or photograph surface activity, which can be just as thrilling!

The whale-swimming laws in Tonga allow for four guests in the water, plus the accredited guide, which equals five people in the water at a time. 


Swimming with the whales is a craft. Knowledge and respect for these animals go hand-in-hand to create a good encounter. Being able to read the whales, how comfortable they are and giving them space when they need it — we implement many tactics borne of experience to help ensure long, safe and fun encounters for our guests and the whales.

All our guides and skippers are local to Vava'u and are great watermen, with years of on- and in-water experience in local waters. They're a great team with high respect and regard within the community and industry.

Bottom line...they know what they're doing, and they are good at it!

There is a lot of respect for the whales and for these in-water encounters with them in Tonga. Another boat will never come and jump in on your whale encounter. If a boat is with a whale, it's their whale until they sign off to another boat, if there is one in the area.

These encounters are quite initmate and special. We work as a group when in the water, and we stay close to one another, making sure we don't spook the whales or cause them any stress. You will see on your tour that every encounter is different, and some whales will be much more interactive than others. 

The weather can be flat calm or you can have rough seas and everything in between — it's the ocean, after all. We go out to sea as long as our captain says it's safe.

You should expect to be out on the boat all day; we don't come back to dock unless there is an emergency on board. The water temp is roughly 77 F (25 C), and you will want to bring a boat jacket for wind protection. 

The whales visit Tonga outside of cyclone season, so there is no concern regarding cyclones.

It is illegal to operate a business on Sundays in Tonga. There are a few restaurants and resorts open for meals, however you will see that most things are closed, even the airport. These can be great days to visit the local church and see how the locals spend their day. Usually we head over to a resort and relax for the day on the beach.

It really is up to you. We will be stopping a few days in Fiji Before and after so we will bring ours, I would travel as light as possible.


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