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You can apply now for our first EVER Condor Case Study beginning March 6th until May 8th! 

Below we have more info about the training videos and master classes that will be loaded into the portal starting in February, keep an eye on your inbox for the next 72 hours after you apply! You will be notified if you are approved, space is limited so make sure you register upon approval.

There will be one hour calls every other week, on Sunday evening at 7pm central time, besides that, it is all on your own time and will take 20 minutes per day.

Please do not join if you are not committed to the filling out the workbook each day for 60 days, missing the calls is fine as long as you follow the workbook.

Our intention is to test the efficacy of our program on a larger group of people and collect feedback, so if you’re down with that, LET’S GO!

Apply HERE!

It's Time.

Which means in March we are ushering 50 people into the new way, well, really the OLD way in a NEW way.

For the last year I have been head down working diligently on taking Tah's concepts and my journaling process (the one I developed to get myself free of disease and fully into my purpose) and after 4 years, dozens of clients and hundreds of downloads of testing with various groups...

It's ready and we are selecting 50 people to be a part of a case study before it goes global.

Full disclosure _ There IS an investment and we will not be providing raw material for distribution so keep reading.

In these two months you'll learn about:

  • Body mapping, the cues the past is still manifesting and speaking through your body now and what to do about
  • Translating your body's data
  • How to take RADICAL responsibility and creating support in attaining for your intentions 
  • The 4 IN's process : Intake, Intention, Inspace and integration
  • We will have two recorded masterclasses on microdosing
  • One class on supplements and stacks to support your body pre, peri and post journey
  • Constructs: How your conditioning and experiences play out in your body/nervous system 
  • PLUS 4 calls, assigned accountability groups (determined by HOW each person like to be held accountable)
  • Two physical monthly workbooks to process and create a clear understanding of what is giving you energy and what is taking it away.

Much of what you will learn is in the integration of the workbook on the calls. Even if you can't attend them live you will get massive value out of the recordings.

Make sure to fill out this application and keep an eye on your email, those selected will be notified within 72 hours.

It's no secret... The future looks bleak if we don't do something DRASTICALLY different...

Psychedelics are proven to heal more than just mental disorders and for many, are noted as one of the most spiritual and impactful experiences of their LIFE.

People who report no longer feeling alone or helpless after high dose experiences or significant improvements as a part of a microdosing protocol.They feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. A purpose to go on...they find HOPE and we have never needed hope like we do right now.

Unfortunately, the current models tested for treatment won't be available to everyone due to

  • Inadequate insurance coverage, 
  • Lack of financial resources,
  • Accessibility to the necessary follow up care and
  • Economic standing.

We are here to change that with your help.

This model we have been developing will allow, not only us, but all coaches and therapists to help MORE people with greater impact by empowering their clients to trust their own inner guidance while supporting them in translating the unique language their body speaks as they integrate these experiences into their lives.

That's where you come in.

We want to test this on a large group to PROVE what we already know to be true, that through body mapping and community building we can create a community that supports each other while utilizing psychedelics for personal transformation.

Usually, working with us STARTS at $2,400 but because we are looking to truly dig in and test this model, we are offering 8 weeks of calls, coaching, training videos and monthly workbooks for only $597.

You'll get weekly calls, small accountability groups and access to, not only us, but our team of master coaches who have done this themselves multiple times themselves!

NO, we will not be providing any raw material, we will offer guidance on threshold dosing and HOW many have used out process in conjunction with a microdosing protocol and there will be folks with TONS of experience that you will have access to to elevate your own explorations 10x.

In order to truly make an impact we MUST be able to help more people in less time.

Accessibility isn't only about access to plant medicines, more people need access to SUPPORT and community.

(the current models for therapy have HUGE holes in who they can serve,  how often and at what cost)

And For You...

Trading dollars for hours for coaching...


The Numbers Are Alarming

  • 19% of Adults Experienced a Mental Illness in 2017-2018
  • From January to September 2020, 315,220 People Took the Anxiety Screen, a 93% Increase from 2019
  • 534,784 People Took the Depression Screen, a 62% Increase from 2019
  • Approximately 33% of Counties in the US have No Record of even ONE Licensed Psychologist
  • Millions of People are left HopelessHelpless and Looking for Help.

Those numbers have swelled in 2021 due to the impact of covid19 and its roots are impacting our teens, especially.

We need more adults processing their own stuff and getting free to be able to then turn to supporting our kids.

This process, will bring framework and process to those that can not afford a therapist, or can't find one or who are looking for a coach or community to support them.

We know that this workbook and this program is the future or self work and growth, a space where we work on ourselves TOGETHER.

We have submitted our final version of this program and need your help to test It, to give us feedback and support us in improving it before we release it to the public this spring.

Of course you will be able to do this program in the future but we will never be as involved as we are this time and the calls will be run by our master coaches, not us.

So if you have been wanting to work close with us...NOW is the last chance.

Over two months you will identify physical, dietary, relational, environmental, and emotional investments that may be affecting you daily. Your body has an intelligence that you must tap into to get free. 

Discover what your body is trying to tell you through our step-by-step process to gain complete clarity and the confidence to communicate your truth to those around you.

You will be taught and supported by teachers from all over the WORLD. Each one having a unique skill set to help you support YOU in  a container of amazing folks committed to growth, health, contribution and freedom.

Whether high dosing or microdosing, those with lasting transformations are implementing DAILY practices that are clear and measurable with a community that can support their expansion.

That is why being guided by an experienced integration coach is so powerful!

Find the ease, the freedom and the flow of the condor.

Be a part of this exciting offer where you will have massive expansions while contributing the the millions of people this program will impact moving forward.

Let's do this.


Apply NOW!

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