Mentor In The Mirror

Mentor In The Mirror

Hosted by: Tah and Kole Whitty

Tah and Kole Whitty are supporting the new wave of human evolution for Austin's optimization and wellness obsessed entrepreneurs for global change. If you love Rob Dial, Krisstina Wise, Hal Elrod, Mike Dillard, Aubrey...


Ep127 Ceremonial Cacao And Shadow Work with Karla Njathi

Season #1 Episode #127

Karla Wanjiru
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Ep126 Wilderness And Healing On The Hunt With Corbin Sellers

Season #1 Episode #126

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Ep125 High Performance, Harder Faster with JR Burgess

Season #1 Episode #125

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Ep124 From Stripper Pole To CEO with Deb Yager

Season #1 Episode #124
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Ep123 Sex For Self Work, Clubhouse And That Sex Chick Alexa Martinez

Season #1 Episode #123

Part Of 21 Days Of Transformation on Clubhouse
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Ep122 Burnout, Bio Hacking And Psychedelics

Episode #122

with Shawn Well, Dr Elena Villanueva, Dr Torrie Thompson, Elaine Gardner, Dasha of Women's Biohackin  
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Ep121 Facilitating, Holding Space And Psychedelics

Season #1 Episode #121

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Ep120 Bio Hacking And Psychedelics with Expert Panel

Season #1 Episode #120

Bio Chemist, Ingredientologist And Epic Creator- Shawn Wells Sexy Boss Entrepreneur- Heather Ann Havenwood Dr Torrie Thompson Holistic Practitioner - Elaine Gardner  
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Ep119 Chaos? Or Opportunity with Jesse Elder

Season #1 Episode #119

Today is a live recording of a clubhouse session with Jesse Elder
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Ep118 What Is Clubhouse?

Season #1 Episode #118  
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Ep117 They Said I Would Be Blind By 40

Season #1 Episode #117 Mind Body Code by Dr Mario Martinez on Audible
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Ep116 Your Life Team

Season #1 Episode #116

Join Our LIVE class Dec 28-30th, 2020 Check out our episode with Brooke Castillo on  The Life Coach School   
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