Anti-Racism Webinar Geared To Build More Bridges Through Authenticity, Transparency and Connection.

For Online Content Creators, Mentors And Coaches 

Hosted by Tah Whitty, RN/Bio Integration Specialist For 7 And 8 Figure Industry Leaders   

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Leading Through Landmines

When What You Don't Say Matters As Much As What You Do

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How confident are you on the topic of racism?

When What You Don’t Say Matters And What You Do Say Can Hurt Your Biz

If you are finding yourself having a challenging time navigating the current conversations let alone LEADING them...

You aren't alone.

I have been personally approached by countless clients that identify as being “White” or white presenting who are feeling lost and having a hard time navigating things with their businesses, their friends, their family members and their children.

In fact, I have had multiple leaders reach out when their entire business collapsed for not taking a clear stand against racism in a way that their audience felt was “right” and they were punished mercilessly for it.

No one is feeling safe in any community right now.

I don’t blame anyone for their hyper vigilant attempts to gain control, all action is needed and there’s no shortage of work to be done, however, we, at Tahkole are pushing for IMPACT.

I realize very few have been taught how to lead through the landmines of conversations like these and even less are masters of it.

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What you DON’T say is as dangerous as what you do which is why it is time to take action to elevate your awareness and expand your ability to communicate.


The Best Time To Expand Your Current Perceptual Lens Is Now.

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There’s much to talk about on the topic of racism and what it is to be Black in the United States of America. I would love to help you prepare for the coming discussions with thoughtful and authentic consideration.

This is Not About learning how to kiss asses and get hall passes.

This IS finding blind spots and bringing awareness to a world that is in a ripe place for growth and expansion for all people.

If you didn’t know that I am Black, or you find yourself saying something like “he isn’t really Black” you won’t want to miss this webinar.

Contrary to what many people often assume, I am NOT bi-racial. I am not Mulato. I am not half White. I am not Latino. I am not South American. I am not Middle Eastern.


Both of my parents are Black folks. Same as my grandparents and great grandparents. We are direct descendants of American Slaves.

I invite you to come and learn some perspectives and get some tools that you may not have in your toolbelt and some awareness that you can use to help save your business, fortify your relationships, calm your nervous system, heal our human family and expand the love on our planet.

Who’s going to join me?

Feel free to share this with as many people as possible.


Being able to sit down with someone and ask questions to expand your current perceptual lens while authentically sharing your perspective ANY topic that is confronting, charged or complex.

No squirming...

No anger...

No tightness in your chest or reactivity in your body...

How FREEING would it be to STOP posturing, protecting or over analyzing because you were certain how to BE in a conversation no matter how slippery the slope seemed? 

No obligation?

No shame or guilt?

To feel relaxed and certain that you can stay heart centered, open and part of the solution? 

That is the intention.

Diving deeper in what racism is and how you can approach ANY turbulent or tough conversation with more ease, consideration and freedom.