Hey Soul Sister,

If You Have Been Doing The Work And Showing Up For Yourself But It Feels Like Something Is Still In Your Way...


If You Feel A Block Or A Resistance That You Can't Quite Bust Through...

If You Have Been Waiting For The Right Opportunity To Present Itself...

The Right Divine Timing...

It's Here.


Shedding The Expectations And Labels Like A Snake Skin And Moving Forward With Your Whole BE-ing.

You're Invited To A Transformative Weekend At  The Cedar Temple May 17-19th in Austin, Texas
The Spiritual Boss Babe Herself Stephanie Bellinger And Warrior Women With A Purpose Founder Kole Whitty Are Bringing Sound Healing, Meditations And Movement Practices To Fully Actualize And Free The Feminine Power That Is Inside You.
If You're Ready For A Deep Reconciliation With Your Body...
To Be Seen In A Sacred Circle Of Sisters Who Can Cradle Your Heart ...
A Deep Connection To Your Womb And Complete Alignment With Your Divinity Through Voice, Movement And Experiences...

Your Seat In The Circle Is Waiting For You, Dear Sister.

Don't Stop In The Doorway.

Join us.










If You Are Ready To Call In..

The divinity of your ancestry that has been buried or even lost. The magic of our feminine lineage was hidden to protect it and the time has come to unearth it.

Reconciliation with your body, stepping fully into all that is and get clear on what you choose to create in a safe container of soul midwives.

Whole-ness in the uniqueness that you are. Connect with your voice in divine alignment to your physical and energetic womb. Screaming, wailing, humming, soothing songs to connect to your unique vibration.

Daily activities in the sacred temple, there was a time that women met in sacred space to mourn, to heal and to celebrate. Over the course of the weekend we will laugh, cry and celebrate the wonders of being human, of being free. 

"To say the experience is life shifting is an understatement. I attended two retreats and they have helped me immensely in unpacking my emotions and trauma in a safe and loving space. They are extremely supportive and truly care about your healing process. "

Brooklyn, Ny

"Who knew the body even had a language?! I now understand what that means to lovingly communicate and connect with this beautiful vessel I live in and understand the language it's speaking to me . This workshop helped me to realize, I am who I am. I love and accept myself for everything that I am that makes me the human I am. Understanding how I feel in my body and the language it speaks is the greatest gift I could receive in this life! THANK YOU! "

Orlando, FL

"This weekend was exactly what I needed. I have never felt so connected to a group of women I just met that fast. I wasn’t expecting to feel as open as I did! They created a space that felt so safe and nurturing that I was able to go really deep into my body and give it the time and attention it's been needing. I am so grateful for this experience and all of the new sister friends I made. Each one captured my heart in their unique way. Thank you with all my heart💗 "

New York

Total Investment Varies.*

*Shared And Scholarship Exchange Rooms Available. 

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Welcome Soul Sister!

We Are Your Hosts, Spiritual Boss Babe Stephanie Bellinger And Warrior Woman With A Purpose, Kole Whitty

We know the power of what you are experiencing and how lonely, scary and even painful it can be sometimes. Having deep, authentic connection in sacred circles like this one has changed our lives and our retreats and trips are doing that for women like you all over the world. 

Our intention is to release personal and ancestral trauma that is buried in your DNA, bring forward and bring resolution to past traumas/events/ideas that are preventing forward momentum and  a joy filled, laughter inducing experience of your life.

Healing doesn't have to be hard and we have fun doing, even in the most tender moments.

We will be guiding you into the flow and the physical experience of abundance in your physiology so that your BODY can lead the way with ease and grace. 

Our arms are open to you and our hearts are so full. Don't wait any longer to trust your gut if you feel called to be with us May 17th-19th in Austin, Texas.

We Are The Story Tellers, The Meaning Makers, The Weavers Of Our Own Reality

Women have been keepers of their ancestral stories since the beginning of time. Many of these stories carry a lot of suffering and pain and can be stored within our DNA, manifesting in our bodies.

On May 17th, 18th and 19th we will venture into the energetic field of hill country outside of Austin, Texas to release the traumas of the past and sing new songs if elevation and empowerment through meditation, movement, EFT, hypnosis, ceremonial cacao, teas and somatic trauma release.

We will be gathering as sisters from all over the world to weave a new reality as we create new neural pathways to align our body's with our souls path.

Our voices will be heard individually and collectively as we bring to the present the power of our words, the magnificence of our BE-ing.

As we heal, the world heals.

What's Included?

  • Accommodations
  • Gift Bag 
  • Raw, Plant Based meals
  • Carefully Crafted Somatic Experiences To Open Up Your Awareness To Your Body's Language And Release, Trauma, Tension And Stress
  • Hypnosis Techniques To Open Your Mind And Create New Beliefs Around Your Story
  • Special Teas And Ceremonial Cacao Ceremony To Open Your Heart And Weave The Container For Expansion
  • Bio Integration Techniques To Open Your Body And Release Pain Patterns That May Be Trapped In It
  • Deep, Immersive Integration In Sacred Circle To Ensure Your Stories Are Witnessed And Heard For Actualization In This Dimension
  • Ancient Rituals With Song To Connect Your Voice To Your Womb
  • Professional Photography/Video Of The Event 
I'm Ready To Claim My Feminine Power!

HURRY! Only A Few Spots In Each Cabin!

"I'm still on a high from the freedom of emotional and physical pain I experienced. I never realized how much trauma I was holding in my body. I feel much lighter in my chest and heart. The unique group of women who participated added to the safe, loving environment to express lifelong vulnerabilities and heal. I feel so much more connected to myself, to love, the universe and the women who shared this journey. Kole is an amazing, kind, loving, spiritually gifted woman who embodies empowerment and healing of traumatic experiences. She's walked this road and come out on the other side. She can light the way for you. If you feel you just want MORE and not even sure what it is, say YES to the calling of this workshop! You will be transformed. "

Lori Citro
Delaware, US

What Is It Like To Attend A Retreat With Stephanie And Kole?

Yes! I am in!

What do I need to do next?

1: Select Your Accommodations and payment options

2: Begin Preparing Your Intentions

3: If you are not able to pay with any amount listed above, please send an email to [email protected] as we will offer 3 exchange opportunities for women who feel called to attend and unable to find the financial energy at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breaking It DOWN!

Flights and Transportation are NOT included. The actual cost ranges from $666-$1,200 depending on what option you choose. We do offer 3 sliding scale or work exchange opportunities as well. To apply please email [email protected]

  • A Journal
  • Pen
  • Any sacred objects for the temple that you wish to be blessed on the alter
  • musical instruments are welcome
  • an open heart
  • an open mind
  • anything else you need to feel safe and supported


Women are able to opt out of photos at the event by wearing a wristband. No photos or video will be allowed in integration or conversation/sharing circles.

There are no refunds
Please buy trip insurance if this is concern for you as we are not able to refund you once you commit.


Due to the nature of the retreat and the amount of costs involved cancellations are not possible. Please get trip and flight insurance to protect your self from potential problems.

By paying or placing your deposit or payment you agree to these terms.


We will Have Between 18-22 Participants 

Austin can be quite hot by May, please bring layers and anticipate mosquitoes. We ask you only bring clean, natural bug repellents that do not contain deet as it will wash into the surroundings also affecting butterflies and wildlife. There are repellent clothing on amazon if you are in need of extra protection.


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