Have You Heard The Call?

The Psychedelic Space Program

Facilitator Training For Spaceholders, Mental Health Practitioners, Ketamine Clinicians And Transformational Coaches

Connecting Western Minds With Ancient Wisdom To Support Safety And Accessibility For All

The Psychedelic Space Program Is An Intersection Of Science And Mysticism For Truth Seekers And Freedom Fighters Who Are Here To Answer The Call.

Join Our Next 3 Day Live Event October 27th, 28th and 29th In Person At La Quinta Inn And Suites Lakeway Or Virtually For $597 For Course And Materials

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With over 332 million people in the US and approximately 33% of counties have no record of even ONE licensed psychologist.

That means millions are left hopeless, helpless and looking for options.

In 2017-2018, 19% of adults experienced a mental illness, in a post covid world it's nearly impossible to understand the impact covid has had on mental health.

In fact, from January to September 2020, 315,220 people took the anxiety screen, a 93 percent increase over the 2019 total number of anxiety screens. 534,784 people took the depression screen, a 62 percent increase over the 2019 total number of depression screens.

Those numbers have swelled in 2021.

If we don't do something DRASTICALLY different...it will be.

Psychedelic Therapy has been proven to heal more than just mental disorders.
Many who have had these treatments say that they are worth every penny and have changed their lives in unimaginable ways.
They no longer feel alone or helpless, instead they feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. But the current models being tested for treatment won't be available to everyone due insurance coverage, financial resources, accessibility to the necessary follow up care and economic standing; we are here to change that!

Are You Hearing The Call?

YES. I'm Ready.

Last Event We Had The Ever Expansive *Les Brown as our motivational keynote speaker. 

Check Out His Inspiring Message To The Attendees

"There Is Greatness In You."

We need YOU to step bravely into a leadership role  

Even if you don’t feel ready, there are folks desperately seeking your unique perspective in the psychedelic space.

More people are hearing the call, check out our last event in Austin, Texas in May 2021 at La Quinta at the Oaks

But...if something works so well...why is it illegal?

What If You Could Help More People In Less Time?

Accessibility isn't only about access to plant medicines, more people need access to SUPPORT and community.

(the current models being tested for therapy have HUGE holes in who they can serve and how)

And For You...

Trading dollars for hours as a session coach...


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Have You Heard The Call?

The conversation around conscious psychedelic exploration has been showing up in more environments than ever before from health practitioners to religion and you are here because you are being guided to learn more...

Whether you are personally curious or committed to expanding your current existing practices, some part of you feels you would benefit from additional framework and training around the topic of facilitation.

If You Are Ready 

It's TIME.

Join Us LIVE Or Virtually October 27, 28, 29th- 2021 *Block Hotel Rates*

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Including Shaman, Curanderas, Physicians, Researchers, NLP Practitioners, Plant Medicine Facilitators, Nurses, Bio Hackers, Money Mindset Mentors, Spiritual Leaders And Purpose Driven Community Leaders


✅ Best Practices/

✅  Integration Protocols To Support Lasting Transformations

✅ Creating Safe Spaces That Support Ease And Empowerment

✅ Cultural Considerations 

✅  Energetic And Emotional Hygiene


✅ Body Mapping And Learning The Unique Language Each Body Speaks

✅ Educating Micro/Macro Dosing: How Much, With Whom And When

✅ Supplement Stacks To Support Longevity, Health And Vitality

✅ Discerning The Who/When And How

Over The Weekend You Will Experience

Community Building

Connect with like-minded, purpose driven enthusiasts, committed to sovereignty, personal empowerment, sustainability and growth.


Holding space, reciprocity, ethics, red flags, sovereignty, safety and on-boarding processes.

Learn tools to identify who you can serve now, from where you currently are while expanding the tools you already have.

Ancient Traditions And Current Sciences

Featured speakers and group dialogue.

We contribute proceeds to Cosmic SisterThe Ancestor Project, The Q'ero And The Veterans Walk And Talk Project.

Meet The Founders Tah And Kole

We are Tah and Kole Whitty And Together We Have 20 Years In The Psychedelic Space.

Society Calls Us Husband And Wife...

"WE" don't care what you call us.

All we care about is YOU and clearing out the NOISE of systems, forms, safety protocols and intake processes so that you can focus on actually HELPING people, not overdraft fees or content creation.


Meet Tah

Of my 28 years as a registered nurse, 23 of those were spent in emergency medicine working nights in 12 NYC area hospitals, while spending 15 of those years as a personal trainer.

I worked on the front lines saving lives for a long time and I now dedicate my life to keeping people OUT of the hospital.

They call me the "Done Dude" because when people are done living their life they way they have been, they call me.

I have been supporting health experts, physicians and 8 figure life coaches transition into an optimized, INTIMATE, human experience where their senses are sharp and unclouded by toxins and stress overload.

Stick with me and I will show you what freedom looks like, not because I have read about...



Meet Kole

Raised Mormon in Utah, my explorations of the psychedelic space started 22 years ago, much to the chagrin of my family, and took a turn for the worst, a coma from a drug overdose at age 17.

Looking for something to live for I competed and won Miss Utah Teen USA 2001 which positioned me as the poster child for the DARE program and Partnerships For A Drug Free America.

I was THE voice for substance abuse education, speaking all over the world, sharing my story, answering hundreds of emails everyday and preaching "once an addict, always an addict".

Life has a funny way of waking you up...doesn't it?

The unresolved trauma I had buried in my body caught up to me in 2007 when I sat down at Disneyland and cried. I was in so much physical pain I couldn't walk anymore.

My story is robust, if you fancy to hear more of it, there are hundreds of podcasts out there, it isn't too hard to find.

I promise to tell you all about it when I see you...

The last 13 years BACK in the psychedelic space changed everything and THAT is what I am here to share.

If you are hearing the call, I am ready for you.

Let's Do This Before Big Pharma Does.

Meet Our Family Of Speakers From The Last Event In May

This Is For You If...

  • You understand how systems and self awareness impact the way you hold space for others
  • You are a freedom focused adventurer who focuses on personal empowerment and have seen the the power of journaling, ritual creation and sustainable habits for lasting results
  • You are a purpose driven leader, who, many come to for supportive ideas and tools
  • You are a transformation obsessed wellness expert/practitioner who know the value of diet, lifestyle changes and how environment impacts the body
  • You want to build a sustainable practice that give back and is financially abundant 
  • You are seeking more tools to support your business so that you can focus on SERVING your clients
  • You're loving the impact of your own self work and are looking to open up more to receiving the gifts of abundance, ease and freedom that you have been creating WHILE being in service
  • You are driven by deep, authentic connection and know the value of the community you have created

If any of these resonate, you're in the right place!