We need YOU to step bravely into a leadership role in the field of psychedelics

This isn't about being ready or able to GIVE a substance, there are folks desperately seeking your unique perspective in the way only YOU can share.

Whether you are therapist, healthcare professional, bio hacker, life coach or someone who has been deeply impacted by the healing possible in psychedelic spaces, having a clear system to support others means MORE lives changed in a fraction of the time.

Through our framework you will create safety, accessibility and sovereignty for your clients to feel empowered and inspired through our 4IN's process...

  1. IN-take
  2. In-tention
  3. IN-space
  4. In-tegration

Whether through psychedelic research, psychedelic therapy, workshops, classes, live events, retreats or podcasts we are committed to educating and changing the stigma around these powerful master teachers and plant allies.

Discover How To Be An Integration Coach

We Have Been In An Unending State Of Emergency And The Effects Are Destroying Families and Ruining Lives!

Join Us and Be Part of the Solution. Helping People Who Are Already Desperately  Seeking Your Help

Join Our Next Psychedelic Integration Certification June 14-18, 2022

If You Are A Transformational Coach, Life Coach, Mental Health Practitioner Or Ketamine Clinician Committed To Helping MORE People In Less Time We Need YOU In The Psychedelic Space.

The Numbers Are Alarming

  • 19% of Adults Experienced a Mental Illness in 2017-2018
  • From January to September 2020, 315,220 People Took the Anxiety Screen, a 93% Increase from 2019
  • 534,784 People Took the Depression Screen, a 62% Increase from 2019
  • Approximately 33% of Counties in the US have No Record of even ONE Licensed Psychologist
  • Millions of People are left HopelessHelpless and Looking for Help.

Those numbers have swelled in 2021 due to the impact of covid19.

The future looks bleak if we don't do something DRASTICALLY different...


Psychedelics are proven to heal more than just mental disorders and for many, are noted as one of the most spiritual and impactful experiences of their LIFE.

We share the specifics around psychedelic research and treatments that changing lives in unimaginable ways.

People who report no longer feeling alone or helpless. Instead, they feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. A purpose to go on...they find HOPE.

Unfortunately, the current models tested for treatment won't be available to everyone due to

  • Inadequate insurance coverage, 
  • Lack of financial resources,
  • Accessibility to the necessary follow up care and
  • Economic standing.

We are here to change that with your help.

What we need are more heart-centered health practitioners and coaches who are able to empower their clients to trust their own inner guidance while supporting them in translating the unique language their body speaks as they integrate these experiences into their lives.

Is That You?

What If You Could Help More People In Less Time?

Accessibility isn't only about access to plant medicines, more people need access to SUPPORT and community.

(the current models being tested for therapy have HUGE holes in who they can serve and how)

And For You...

Trading dollars for hours as a session coach...


Your Self Care...

Matters To Us.

Your Lifestyle...

Matters To Us.

Your Stress Levels...

Matter To Us.

"You Can't Be A Lighthouse If You Cant keep The Lights On" - Erin Loman Jeck


Welcome To The Condor Approach

Start your path as a participant and advance to a certified coach as you identify physical, dietary, relational, environmental, and emotional investments that may be affecting you daily.

Once you have experienced the benefits yourself, you’ll be primed to hold space for others as they move through the same transformative process.

Discover a step-by-step process to give you complete clarity and the confidence that you CAN help someone in need and what to do if you are in over your head as it relates to integration coaching.

You will be taught, by teachers from all over the WORLD. Each one having a unique skill set and is a master at showing YOU how to guide someone back to themself.

Not through the actual psychedelic experience itself but in the integration, THE most important part as it relates to lasting transformation.

When there is NO integration...

There is little lasting transformation.

We are committed to YOUR personal process with a team of master coaches to assist you AND the people you choose to serve.

Energy leaks, imbalances, brain fog, aches and pains. Learn the language of your own body, a system that relies on balance, stability and rhythm that never stops talking to you.

Learn The Unique Language Your Body Speaks, For You...

For All Of Us.

How It Works

Whether high dosing or microdosing, those with lasting transformations are implementing DAILY practices that are clear and measurable with "Life Team" support.

Your Life Team can be friends, family or hired coaches, they are the people on your team, that support you and believe in you. 

That is why being an official integration coach is so powerful, you empower your clients having done your own personal work, BEFORE you started guiding someone else.

Now, that doesn't mean you need to be actively working with psychedelics to be a coach but you DO need to be doing YOUR OWN WORK.

Find the ease, the freedom and the flow of the condor.

Apply To Be A Master Coach

Comments About Working With Condor Master Coaches

Karla Wanjiru

"It’s worth thousands more than what they charge!"

Lucrecia Rodriguez

"Most of what they know is because of past experiences, they walk the walk and it shows."

Kenny Borg

"So great to learn from people who have incredible reverence for this work."

Kayla Osterhoff

"Whether your goal is business, relationship, mindset, or healing related, Tah and Kole are your people!"

Ariane Williams, RN

"They show up and deliver authenticity and offer guidance like I've never seen!"

Dr. Elena Villanueva

"We even invested in our team to have this opportunity.  Thank you for everything you do!" 

Reciprocity Looks Different To Different Communities. Here Are A Few Groups We Support Directly.


These amazing groups are doing life changing work, click their pics to learn more about each of them

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Join a group coaching program just for your own benefit OR dive deeper as a coach adding in your own unique, individual systems and processes.

Group Participant


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  • Onboarding Process
  • Your Unique Body Map
  • 90 Days Of Group Coaching
    Weekly Calls
  • Get Support From Our Master Coaches
  • 3 Workbooks And All Materials
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One-time Investment

  • 5 day LIVE Training
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  • Building Your Life Team Masterclass
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  • 90 Days Of Group Coaching
    Weekly Calls
  • 3 Workbooks And All Materials
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Condor Master Coach


$9,997 when PIF

  • 15 days Of LIVE trainings To Practice Your Skills, Dig Deeper Into Your Process And Apply In Real Time To Your Clients
  • 9 Months Of Support
  • Onboarding Process
  • Body Mapping
  • Building Your Life Team Masterclass
  • LifeTime Access To Recordings
  • Course On Psychedelics, Micro-dosing, Etc
  • 9 MONTHS Of Group Coaching,
    designed to actualize and expand your skills sets
  • All Workbooks And All Materials GIVEN to you and released to customize into your own, unique branding
  • Support In Setting Up Your Backend Technology To Ease Client Tracking And Work Flow


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"You keep talking about "WE"?

We are Tah and Kole Whitty And Together We Have 20 Years In The Psychedelic Space.

Society Calls Us Husband And Wife...

"WE" don't care what you call us.

All we care about is YOU and clearing out the NOISE of systems, forms, safety protocols and intake processes so that you can focus on actually HELPING people, not overdraft fees or content creation.

Meet Tah

Of my 28 years as a registered nurse, 23 of those were spent in emergency medicine working nights in 12 NYC area hospitals, while spending 15 of those years as a personal trainer.

I worked on the front lines saving lives for a long time and I now dedicate my life to keeping people OUT of the hospital.

They call me the "Done Dude" because when people are done living their life they way they have been, they call me.

I have been supporting health experts, physicians and 8 figure life coaches transition into an optimized, INTIMATE, human experience where their senses are sharp and unclouded by toxins and stress overload.

Stick with me and I will show you what freedom looks like, not because I have read about...



Meet Kole

Raised Mormon in Utah, my explorations of the psychedelic space started 22 years ago, much to the chagrin of my family, and took a turn for the worst, a coma from a drug overdose at age 17.

Looking for something to live for I competed and won Miss Utah Teen USA 2001 which positioned me as the poster child for the DARE program and Partnerships For A Drug Free America.

I was THE voice for substance abuse education, speaking all over the world, sharing my story, answering hundreds of emails everyday and preaching "once an addict, always an addict".

Life has a funny way of waking you up...doesn't it?

The unresolved trauma I had buried in my body caught up to me in 2007 when I sat down at Disneyland and cried. I was in so much physical pain I couldn't walk anymore.

My story is robust, if you fancy to hear more of it, there are hundreds of podcasts out there, it isn't too hard to find.

I promise to tell you all about it when I see you...

The last 13 years BACK in the psychedelic space changed everything and THAT is what I am here to share.

If you are hearing the call, I am ready for you.

Let's Do This Before Big Pharma Does.


Are You Hearing The Call?

Plant medicines and master mycelium teachers are powerful.

We believe in the power of these ancient technologies as well as the potential harm if not approached with the unique care and education required for such a practice.

YES, people are absolutely being harmed in this work, that is why we are here to set a standard of our way or BETTER as it relates to intake, intention and integration.



We’re Sure You Have Some Questions


We understand you will have some questions, especially when we talk about psychedelics, so we want to answer them for you upfront to give you peace of mind.

Q. “If something works so well...why is it illegal?”

A. Well, we won't get into this in depth now, but the the War on Drugs, for one. Even though they are natural plants and fungi that possess powerful healing remedies for medicinal purposes, in the government’s eyes, they have been deemed illegal.

Q. "What if I don't know enough about these plants/fungi and the cultures they come from?"

A. Valid and important question, thank YOU for caring enough to ask. When you say you don't know 'enough'...Enough for who and for what purpose? No suggestion is being made to facilitate a group ceremony or guide an individual's journey. Our goal is to support each person in getting clear in how they can be a beacon for their community.

Q. "I’m still worried about legalities; I don't want to get in trouble?"

A. Understandable. That is why we break it down clearly and in great detail to ensure you know where the lines are to keep you, your family, your finances and your business safe.




Still Not Sure? Let's Talk About It.

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