All The Technology And Bio Hacking In The World Can Not Override The Truths You Have Buried In Your Body.

You are here because you are looking for a shift. This is where your shift begins and you don't have to wait for the next program start day to start now.

Becoming your own hero. Getting to know who you are and how you truly feel about the systems you participate in is the foundation of your expansion. It all starts with your body. Lets get into the Naked Truth about YOU.

DISEASE of the body is DIS-ease of the mind and will stop you dead in your tracks if your mind and body are not in alignment.

Your body's intelligence is geared for survival and the most of what it reacts to is out of your control.

Working out, meditation, neural feedback, are all great tools

HOWEVER, until you are radically honest with yourself and dis-integrate your body's conditioning you can not integrate with the new reality you are fighting to create.

The Fight Stops Now.


Are You Honest In Your BODY?

Meet Yourself In The Mirror To Find Out

Tah and Kole are guiding you deeper into You. 

Participate in the first chapter of our 600 page program FREE.

This isn't a passive read, it is a somatic experience.

Seven days connecting YOU to your unwavering truths outside of the constructs you ascribe to consciously or unconsciously.

If there isn't clarity and alignment in your mind it shows up in your BODY.

Are You Aware of how your conditioning and the constructs you participate in effect, not only how you show up in the world and perform but the physical limitations they bring as a result?


Your Body "Remembers" To Fit In with the people you interact with and learns what to do to "maintain" it.

It never wonders if they are beneficial or harmful because they are attached to strong fears of loss, ideas of family, connection and community.

There is an instinctual belief that separated from the pack, we die. And since the beginning of time the worst that could happen was to be cast out, abandoned or exiled.

Will You Meet Us In The Mirror For The Naked Truth?

After 7 days you will have a clear picture of where you are being inauthentic, how it is showing up in your body and what action needs to happen NOW for your personal and professional growth.

Until you are radically and completely honest with yourself you are forever trapped by a genuine desire for expansion and an inability to attain your desired outcome.

In short...

Unless your mind AND your body know where you are

you will not get to where you want to go.

A New Wave Of 

Human Evolution 

Is In Motion 

""Inspiration comes in all forms. But for only one word "Tah Whitty! I was practically leveled...immobilized in pain by a back injury carrying heavy music equipment about 1 1/2 years ago and virtually everyone in the medical and physical therapy arena gave up on me. I was in such a bad place when my dear friend Tah took me under his wing, not only showing me that I was physically able to do the exercises, but he re-trained my brain and turned my head and my whole life around. I am back singing, dancing, playing music, working out, swimming, biking, skating, you name it! He taught me courage, bravery and most of all "freedom" and the ability to do anything you set your mind to and for that I will always be grateful." "


"Kole is SO knowledgeable and helped me tremendously with healing my body and associated trauma"


"From the deepest depths of my heart and soul, I am forever grateful…I am living my BEST life and I attribute part of that to the invaluable work I’ve done with TahKole."

Lee Noto
Brooklyn, NY

"“I am monumentally changed. Forever. Grateful beyond belief.”"

Brooklyn, NY

"I never realized how much trauma I was holding in my body. I feel much lighter in my chest and heart. The unique group of women who participated added to the safe, loving environment to express lifelong vulnerabilities and heal. I feel so much more connected to myself, to love, the universe and the women who shared this journey. Kole is an amazing, kind, loving, spiritually gifted woman who embodies empowerment and healing of traumatic experiences. She's walked this road and come out on the other side. She can light the way for you. If you feel you just want MORE and not even sure what it is, say YES to the calling of this workshop! You will be transformed."

Lori C

""So grateful to have support from this incredible couple. Tah and Kole are compassionate, loving, understanding, souls with a tremendous amount of life experience, common sense, drive and determination. TahKole is the gift I gave myself this year and it's been a great experience. I'm looking forward to continue the path to freedom and aligning my body and mind. #LetsGetFree" "


WARNING: We do not recommend doing this program if you are currently experiencing suicidal ideations, hearing voices that are telling you to harm yourself or are under the care of a medical professional for severe depression or schizophrenia. Please contact your practitioner before doing this program or seek the guidance of a skilled trauma informed therapist/practitioner.


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