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Ever Taken A Journey Into You?

Held Space for someone else to?

Well, you are about to and we have had attendees have as profound of an experience as plant medicines and countless modalties.

But Why?

It's Body Baby And the Goal Is To Keep You (Or Get You) In Yours.

Whether you are a high performance, type A person or a hands on healer/facilitator...

You have been searching for something different something that safely pushes your edges and allows transformation in a safe, curated and trauma informed environment. 

And hey...

People have called you a safe space for them so it is possible you will incorporate this into your own work with others.

"WAIT! Isn't this that weird sex, kink, bondage stuff?"


And YES.

Keep Reading.

Surrendering to a process isn’t rolling over, it is trusting someone to guide you in body, mind and spirit into vulnerable and sometimes scary places...

Places that, when confronted, will set you free once you can ACCEPT YOURSELF, exactly as you are.

A beautiful blend of break out sessions and real time practice, both holding space and receiving, you will dive deeper into intimacy, identity, and vulnerability in ways that will support your expansion in heart, mind, body and your business.

Find support from skilled and highly trained facilitators as you deepen your awareness, step out of your current perceptual lens and experience another version of YOU. 

If you are playfully obsessed in learning real life skills through neuro-physiological and behavioral levels of observation, while being DEEPLY and unconditionally supported in your experience, you will love Intimately Tied.

Level 1 Personal Exploration


2 Day/1 Night

March 18-19th, 2021

✅ Includes One Night Accommodations And Two Meal

✅ Best Practices And Safety 

✅ Hands On Work To Learn And Practice Skills

✅ Build Your Rope Confidence 

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Your Life DEPENDS On Connection.

Loneliness is the #1 killer and in 2021 we are going to need YOU to be clear, connected and (if you want to integrate/be trained to facilitate) support others back into safety WITH people.

Virtual connections are a gift but it will never replace the power and healing of breathing, sovereign together, human to human.

Concerning Numbers...

  • 93% increase over the 2019 total number of anxiety screens
  • 62% percent increase over the 2019 total number of depression screens
  • Rates of suicidal ideation are highest among youth, especially LGBTQ+ youth. In September 2020, over half of 11-17-year-olds reported having thoughts of suicide or self-harm more than half or nearly every day of the previous two weeks. From January to September 2020, 77,470 youth reported experiencing frequent suicidal ideation, including 27,980 LGBTQ+ youth.

Why Does This Info Matter?

The world is seeing highest levels of anxiety and depression reported since the pandemic hit the U.S. in March.

This is a troubling trend being fueled by loneliness and isolation. Besides  alarming numbers of children reporting thoughts of suicide and self-harm, The 2021 State of Mental Health in America report confirms the trend that mental health in the U.S. continues to get worse.

If you are a lightworker, life coach, are hands on (or want to be) this is a chance to answer a call that WILL change lives in ways that you can not even imagine yet (but you will).

By placing yourself in a controlled space to trigger your fears or discomforts

you are able to confront them and without getting emotionally "tied up" in them. (see what I did there, lol)

For your body to experience visceral proof that every part of you is accepted and loved it changes the shame devices that often creating hiding or posturing.

Finding This Level Of Safety Re-Wires Your Body, Frees Yoru Mind And Teaches New Ways To Communicate Your Own Unique Needs And Desires In LIFE.

If these concepts and aspects are all new to you than "Level 1 Personal Exploration" is perfect for you!

Come get your feet wet and your heart opened!

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If a powerful visceral experience can create PTSD couldn't the opposite also be possible?

Similar to psychedelics, bondage can induce a mystical or meditative state through an intense visceral experience where participants share having massive improvements or resolve around anxiety, depression or even PTSD.

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What Participants Say About Being Intimately Tied..

  • "It Increased my ability to respond to triggers versus react to them. GAME CHANGING for myself and my teams."
  • "I am very aware I am more resilient when the shit hit the fan last week I saw my ability to cope and stay clear was significantly better since my session"
  • "I never really understood what it was to self soothe or self nurture, now I get it and know I can access it anytime!"
  • "I knew that I was carrying shame around my body, I didn't know how deep it went...until I was able to process it in a safe space and find compassion and connection to my body in a way I never had before! I feel so much lighter!"
  • "I more clearly understand how to be present in all of my therapeutic activities, I didn't realize how much I disassociated from them until now" 
  • "Now I see how important my self care practices are for the growth of my business and my relationships and have made huge shifts in prioritizing it FOR my business!"

If This Sounds Like You, You Will LOVE Our Level 2 Facilitator Training To Deeper Understand WHAT Is Happening And How Actualize Transformation Through BODY.

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To find the freedom within, it is necessary to master surrender.

It takes a tremendous amount of bravery and vulnerability to see your Self.

Ropes can bring all sorts of beliefs and subconscious thoughts to the surface about:












The underlining theme they ALL have in common...


I Am Kole

and I facilitate dominant leaders like you who are obsessed with innovation for elevation and love all of the latest bio hacks, health hacks, NLP, plant medicines, consider yourself a clean eater and someone who thrives at in person masterminds and retreats.

Most common phrases I hear from my clients:

  • "I Am Experiencing A “Stuckness” In My Body"
  • "I Feel Like I Am 85% Of Where I Want To Be... Something Feels “Off”
  • "I Have Been Feeling A Disconnect In My Body."
  • "I Know Intellectually I Am Fine But I Can Not Relax And Feel Anxious."
  • " I Can Feel The Noise Of The Past 9 Months And Need A “Reboot”

Or maybe you just feel an exhilarated (maybe nervous) "THIS" in your gut, that feeling you have had many times, that feeling that there is something there for you....something HUGE.

Well, let's get on the phone and talk about it, even THAT may be your bread crumb to somewhere else.

I work alongside my brilliant AF partner, Tah Whitty where our focus is congruence in mind and body for optimal performance through non-traditional practices like laughter, leather and expansive practices that include the body. 

Whether by rope or by whales, Machu Picchu Or Austin, we curate experiences that elevate your communication capacities and optimize your business.

If you are Type A, High Performance Junkies...

Welcome to the new wave of human evolution through play.


I Am Deborah Yager 

a powerhouse with an unusual journey that only strengthens as a Master Coach and Master Trainer of NLP. NLP found me several years ago, and it was a match made in Heaven.

My past struggles with sexuality, addiction, and negative self talk were hurdles in my life that NLP helped me overcome. On the other side of those hurdles was a brand new self empowered Deb – full of big ideas and the desire to create change.

Because of my background, I discover what clients really want by helping them dive into their past traumas and current perceptions. My focus is on rebuilding better lives by using powerful tools to conquer negative feelings that hold people back.

Over the last few years, my innovative approach to the mind and body has helped hundreds of people lead more fulfilling lives.

I am a firm believer in the ability to manifest your own reality and everything that comes into your realm. 

Founding the International Board of NLP with my husband is something that has always been in the works. My mission to help women create confidence in life, relationships, business, sales, sex, and more has driven me to co-create this board to help people build the confidence and freedom that leads to a successful and happy life.

I am thrilled bring my knowledge to Intimately Tied after participating and having my own big breakthroughs the last time Rina was in Austin.


I Am Rina Trevi 

Formerly known as Ms. Renee Trevi. I’m not a Dominatrix, not a masseuse and not a psychotherapist. A Vulnerability Coach is the best way to describe my profession: my mission is to acquaint you with your own self -- raw and unmasked. 

10 years of working as as full-time Domme in NYC and internationally

3 years of practicing sexological bodywork for women

8 years of studying Tantra with various schools in Asia

MBA graduate

Certified Death doula and Life-Cycle Celebrant 


Here are some other terms that that others have used to describe me that are accurate: sexological bodyworker, author, BDSM coach, world traveler, skydiver, BASE jumper, freediver, student of ancient traditions and intrepid explorer of consciousness. 

Like most people, I grew up conditioned to believe that I have to fight hard to make it, and that fear and greed are our main engines. I used to believe I needed to seek happiness on the far side of the moon instead of within myself. Now I know this isn't so: this life is for freedom. Embracing vulnerability is a key to intimacy and, ultimately, to freedom. Vulnerability is a shedding of the many cumbersome layers of the protective armor and defense mechanisms that we have spent our lives collecting. 

"So, let's get back to that question, so this is BONDAGE?! Like BDSM, Kole?!”

Yes, and few know the therapeutic lens that set, setting and intention can bring to this transformational practice outside of kink while not being ashamed or exclusive of it.

What you experience is perfect.

Coaches And Mentors That Rely On Vulnerability With Your Clients, Your Ability To Surrender To YOURSELF Directly Impacts Your Client Outcomes And Your Personal Relationships.

If you are looking to step into an integrated practice through NLP, Body, Heart And SOUL then join the Level 3 Facilitator Mind/Body Mastery NOW.

YES! Book My Spot NOW! I Can FEEL, See And Sense I'm On The Master Path!

"Just do it! It'll be an epic amazing and transformational experience to change your life. They create such a safe container for you to open up completely. I felt so held and filled with gratitude in this experience. It allowed me to heal immensely and even transformed my demeanor and how I show up in the world. I feel more peace and sense of trust that everything is okay and all is happening as it should. I will work with them again and even after this first experience I feel immensely different in a positive way."

~ Hannah LeBrun