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Say No More! I AM IN!


You Are A Thought Leader And Innovator

You Are Ready For More Ease

You've Put In The Time For Deeper, More Authentic Relationships And Are Ready To Implement A Process That LASTS.

Welcome Home.

You're BADASS.

Not by mistake either...
You have faced many obstacles that required you to be adaptable, resilient and relentless. Something you have found deep gratitude for, honor and appreciate about yourself.
At Tahkole we identify three different evolutions of transformation and they are the snake, the puma and the condor.
Each animal evolution requires huge shifts in perspective, systems, support and BODY.
Like the snake, you shed the skin of your upbringing which was painful at times. Looking back you see how what happened to you earlier in your life set you up in the perfect position to become what comes next?
The evolution of the puma which brings more leadership, focus, agility, endurance and clarity but...
Just like the evolution of the snake was limited, so is the evolution of the puma.

What got you here won't get you where you are going.

It Is Time For A (r)Evolution.

The Evolution Of The Condor Is Here And It Brings Expansion, Freedom, Longevity And Ease.

If you are ready to spread your wings, 2020 is your year and we are here to support your next level of freedom, flow and FUN!

Let's Fly!

Quarterly Weekend Intensives

*Save $994 by booking more than one weekend or two or more tickets for the same weekend paid in full, payment plans available upon request*

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Austin, Texas

Feb 7th - 9th, 2020

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Austin, Texas 

May 8th-10th, 2020

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Austin, Texas

August 7th-9th, 2020

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Austin, Texas

Dec 4th-6th, 2020

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Imagine a weekend...

  • Where you assess all areas of your life to illuminate the most impactful obstacle in the way of where you want to be

  • Create support from authentic, like minded individuals to curate your LIFE Team

  • Leave with an action plan that brings more ease to HOW you can release yourself from the trap of painful transformation and identify the habits necessary to support it

Once per quarter, Tah and Kole guide you through their unique system used by their 7 and 8 figure clients to end the cycle of trauma and drama.

Over the three days you will:




Suffering is optional. 

Download: The Naked Truth Holiday Edition

Getting to know who you are and how you truly feel about the systems you participate in is the foundation of your expansion. It all starts with your body. Lets get into the Naked Truth about YOU.

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You have made HUGE changes in your diet and lifestyle but are still experiencing symptoms that are 'unexplained' or dismissed by doctors as "normal"...
You aren't interested in settling for fatigue, brain fog, colds, thyroid issues, headaches, shoulder pain, stomach aches, chronic pain and other HORRORS...
You have already witnessed friends and colleagues suffer through a health crisis and you have a feeling it's more than a simple diet and nutrition fix...
Time has proven each evolution of you has had a shelf life. 

This time around can be filled with pleasure, play and passion if you CHOOSE to let go of what got you here and reach for what is here!

This Is why you need to press the button below and join us !

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"Wait...are the Tahkole live intensives about business or personal transformation?"

The Idea That Your Personal Self Is Separate From Your Business Self Is Part Of What May Be In Your Way

If a business person’s body does not shift alongside an evolving mind-state and a growing business model... There are two possibilities:

  1. The business will shift without them, stagnate or crash.

  2. The business will shift without them and their body/relationships will crash. Which will lead to a business crash.

Whether business or personal, when you have a new mindset and a new business model in place, if your body does not shift to meet the evolution...

The body will crash bringing everything else to a screeching halt!

Your body needs to be Integrated with your mindset and business model to get to where you want to go.

We'll Take You On A Journey To Get It All Working In Harmony. THAT is what we mean by "Bio Integration".

This IS For You If...

  • You are a freedom focused adventurer, a rebellious innovator who wants to tap into the power of imagination for realization, co-creation
  • Purpose driven innovators who can FEEL something is holding them back in their body, a visceral awareness something needs facilitating
  • The transformation obsessed entrepreneur, wellness pro, personal development junkie who KNOWS all the things but isn't seeing the lasting shifts they are looking for
  • Those ready to have more FUN and let go of the struggle and suffering for growth
  • Folks who are loving the impact of their self work and are looking to receive the gifts, abundance and love that they have been creating 
  • People who are driven by deep, authentic connection and are seeking a deeper understanding how to be a "woke" person desiring to wake up other's in their surroundings


If any of these resonate APPLY NOW!


This Is NOT For You If..

  • You are in a state of constant or consistent overwhelm and struggle to stay grounded in your day to day thoughts  
  • Having suicidal ideations and do not have a skilled therapist, coach, or peer that you can be honest, open and get support from beyond the event
  • You are LOCKED into what is possible and what is NOT possible for you 
  • Feel you are uniquely broken and do not believe that anyone can help
  • Have not implemented any dietary shifts to lower the physiological noise of poor food/lifestyle choices (this must be done FIRST before working with us to be able to utilize and maximize the benefits) 
  • Attached to "healing" as outside of you with rigid dogmas 
  • Don't like swear words (seriously)
  • Are reluctant to follow through
  • Struggle to receive feedback or highly defensive

If any of this is you we are happy to make recommendations and direct you to a next step in your journey it just isn't us.

Shoot us a message below and we will guide you to proper support for where you are.

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A little about us!

We are Tah And Kole

We partner with awesome people like YOU who have done all of the latest bio hacks, know the importance eating clean, have checked out processes like Landmark, NLP,  plant medicines, meditation, masterminds and are attune to the mind-body connection though you may not feel fully integrated with it.

Some part of you knows that something is still off and you can sense it. Maybe from childhood or just an inability to process stress in a 'healthy' way.

Regardless of WHAT it is, you know something has to be done and it has to be different than you have been doing it.

You have considered your childhood development, though it still seems something is being missed, and the tools you have got you this far but you can feel there is something more.

We guide amazing folks like you to assess, create and implement in ways that are in sync with your desired sensations and outcomes.

We focus on what you DO want and call in what may be in the way of receiving it or stepping into it whether it is you 8 figure business, deepening relationships or fully embodying the freedom you have been fighting to create.

Together we weave the body deeply into every process and every facet of life: family, business, love, sex, fun, spirituality, contribution and expansion. 

Your Mindset has to be integrated with your Bodyset.

We make that integration happen through immersion, imagination, various modalities, weekend intensives and 8 day, international masterminds.

We dig deep, consider, laugh and contemplate the workings of the inner being. We LOVE people.

We can not WAIT to spend time laughing, hugging and loving YOU!

Book Two Tickets For A Live Event (Or One Ticket For Two Different Events) And Save $300 Per Ticket!

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Does Any Of This Sound Sound Familiar?

  • As a child you often felt your voice wasn't heard or your feelings were not considered
  • You felt restricted as a child
  •  Lived with a parent with a mental illness(depression/anxiety)
  • Was the target of bullying or humiliation 
  • Growing up you experienced feelings of abandonment, emotionally unavailable or distant parents
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
In order to receive love from a parent you had to maintain a high level of performance or risk love being taken away.
If this sounds like you...


"Tah and Kole are leading the way for thought leaders and innovators to assess, create and implement with more ease and flow through self honesty, vulnerability and authenticity."

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Keith Norris, Co-Founder Of Paleo f(x)

"Every year at Paleo F(x) someone "unknown" emerges to captivate the tribe. This year it was Tah and Kole Whitty. Thank you both for adding so much to the event and for elevating our tribe."

There Are 3 Energies Of Transformation

 Do you know where you are?


Often recognized as the first phase of being "awake" or a realization that you are different than those you were raised around and their way of being doesn't fit you. It marks the beginning of shedding the old stories and beliefs and can be the longest and most painful of the three transformational processes.

In the snake energy you find yourself changing direction, fields of work and even geographical locations, sometimes feeling a lack of linear growth.

The bigger picture can be challenging to see and there are many times you feel you are not moving fast enough to get out of the weeds of life.

The energy of the snake can be the most physically and emotionally challenging and overwhelm is common in the shedding processes. 

It is imperative for the snake to ground, to slow down and seek out safe places to hide from predators or from those that do not understand it and may hurt it out of fear.


You have been super clear and focused on what you want with a lot of certainty and confidence in what you are ‘hunting’.

Your performance comes with leadership, power, agility and new heights in your business. You no longer fear being attacked but you are far form relaxed.

You aren't so bothered by the other creatures around you as most are not a threat. You have established your position and will not back down if confrontation calls for a fight.

You allow yourself to rest but only for the sake of the hunt. You are keenly aware the last meal won't keep you full forever so keeping your adrenaline high and your claws sharpened is key to survival.


It is no longer necessary to hunt for food, what you need is always there as long as you stay present and are open to the shifts and adjustments that come with the wind.

The condor requires the most flexibility, can go the furthest distances and comes with more ease, fun, freedom and flow in how it functions.

The condor is most desirable for most clients at Tahkole and can be the toughest to attain.

Through radical self honesty, self awareness, self assessment, creating a solid plan and implementation, our live events are the most powerful tool to get to where you want to be.

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Ever Feel Stuck?

It goes deeper that you think.

Are you familiar with the Transformation TRAPP? 






...for purposes of transformation.

Yes, what has happened to you is a gift and it brought tremendous lessons, perspective and value..


The need for transformations to obtain or maintain momentum can become a habitual state, huge distraction and a massive waste of time and resources. 

Have you ever been in a great place in business and then your relationships tank? Or finally hit your metrics and then get sick?

Is it a coincidence?

Or have you patterned yourself to learn from pain?

Come spend the weekend with us and lets find out!

Book Two Tickets For A Live Event (Or One Ticket For Two Different Events) And Save $497 Per Ticket!


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